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Published on Nov 02, 2018


I travel to Lucca, on a regional train from the regional capital of emilia heads to the Italian capital of comic strip, by cutting the Apennines in half.

Parallel to me, in a point of space too close to the planet Earth travels a meteor, that's going to hit and to disrupt the publishing future of the most famous investigator of the nightmare, English Dylan Dog. The Meteor and the new cycle of the narrative from which it takes its name arrive in advance during the festival of lucca, with its lenticular signed by Giuseppe Camuncoli (The Amazing Spider-Man, Hellblazer), in addition to cover the classical Gigi Cavenago. The passage of the large asteroid behind him disintegrates into a thousand atoms, leaving with the memory of the scene of the transformation of Jon Osterman into Dr. Manhattan.

I write this review as my diary, aware of the fact that the world around me is about to end: those who have the good fortune to recover these few lines, I will explain specifically how he began this strange revelation.

It happened with the sudden appearance of Axel, Neil, a freak any huge, given birth to from the mind of Roberto Recchioni and put on paper by Daniele Caluri (“The judgment of the crow”) and by Massimo Carnevale (in “Out of time”). That gigantic relic of the heavy metal years of the 80's, able to speak only citing songs rock and metal known (stuff Guns ‘n’ Roses, Slayer, just to name a few), has made a carnage to the streets of the City, killing anyone that came in shooting. I had just enough time to take refuge inside a shop when, from the glass doors, I can see the heroic tenant of Craven Road to come to our rescue with a little guy from the funny face and the glasses round, making out that mad, that so much resembles Slash rotten.

From braggart mistreated a hero of the people, " Dylan gets a deserved success. It is even received by the Queen and awarded the title of Knight of the Order of the Garter. Immediately after that massacre, I downloaded an app on the phone, call the Be Dylan Dog, which allows me to be a hero like him, pointing out the madmen and fools that infest the city and helping all my fellow citizens to make them harmless, and, in order to prevent massacres such as that of Neil to be repeated. The testimonial is even John's Ghost, the multimillionaire! It will certainly be a little nothing bad, through which I will be able to do good to those who are around me!

The star from the red shirt is adored by all, it is almost impossible to approach him in order to ask for an autograph. They have also done a comic on him, designed by Massimiliano Leonardo (Leomacs) and Marco Nizzoli, both in the big sweep. The two designers, in fact, make it perfectly the beauty and the heroism of that man not to make it look even a comic book. I got a copy, I will read while I wait for the connecting train.

I'm travelling to Lucca, to the universal deluge, and yet another revelation dylandoghiana. From here, you never come back.

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