DxOMark reviews the camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which achieves the same score of the iPhone 8 Plus


Published on Oct 04, 2017


After you have reviewed the iPhone 8 Plus calling it the smartphone with the best camera in the world, DxOMark has tested the Galaxy Note 8 and also this device has totaled 94 points, exactly like the one Apple.

Despite the final vote is the same, the two devices taking picture quite differently. The Note 8 is able to obtain results far superior in low-light conditions. Also, the secondary camera is superior on the Note 8, not to mention the unprecedented speed of the autofocus.

The iPhone 8 instead, it provides exceptional performance in the capture of the colors in the photos with a good or great brightness. All the photos make it better on the screen of the Note 8, but transferred to the computer and displayed both on the same screen, note the superiority of the iPhone in all of the daytime pictures with the colors more faithful, and very little noise.

The Note 8 is recommended for the capture of scenes fast and dynamic, but also has an excellent Portrait mode. The iPhone has a higher score on the video, exposure, contrasts, and colors, but this flaw is very much in the zoom (due to the second camera) and the autofocus.

The image above shows the difference between the two devices with a zoom to 8x. The iPhone is the one that shows the most noise. Below there are two examples of photos taken in Portrait Mode. The Note 8 will apply a bokeh effect more:

Finally, from this image we can see that the iPhone captures better details in HDR. Look at the sky through the reflection of the stained glass window.

Ultimately, here is the sketch and the final score:

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