Dune: a comics adaptation of the work of Frank Herbert


Published on Jul 27, 2017


Dunes, one of the sagas in science fiction the most famous, will be adapted back into a comic book series, thanks to Brian Herbert

Brian Herbert, the son of the famous writer, sci-fi, Frank Herbert, today announced to be working on a comics adaptation of the famous saga novels of Dune, written by his father from 1965.

The colossal work of fiction that has in the past also inspired the homonymous film by David Lynch in 1984 (today a cult of the genre), will be adapted in a faithful series of graphic novels where the author is the son of the writer, in collaboration with Kevin J. Anderson (also co-author of the Prelude to Dune and Legends of Dune, with Brian Herbert).

Working on a faithful adaptation of DUNE as a 3-part graphic novel, and another of DUNE; HOUSE ATREIDES. I'm writing the scripts with @TheKJA

— Brian Herbert (@DuneAuthor), July 26, 2017

In addition to the novels, the original father, Brian will perform an adaptation of the prequel to 1999's Dune: House Atreides, but, at the moment, do not know the name of the artist who will work on the project, nor those of the publishing house that will publish the work, or of his release date.


This is the second time that the work is transformed into a comic book, after that Marvel comics, in 1985, he made an adaptation in three parts of the film of Lynch with the help of Ralph Macchio (text) and Bill Sienkiewicz (drawings).

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