Duet with Gianna Nannini and Enrico Nigiotti in Livorno in A day inhuman to 3 years from the first time (video)

Published on Apr 12, 2018

I soon started to get into this vortex that is the world of music. I realize that they are a bit anomalous because in my location I did everything: I went from playing at the pub or at autogestioni playing in a television program, then by the local Sanremo, Sanremo for the open act , from the room of my house where I locked up for years trying to write well, I arrived at "my place", that is, consolidate everything, and live music (now also as an author). Ranks, so great and TRUE ranks supported by a perseverance almost unconscious. At the end something pay... Finished the incipit. In this video it was 23rd of may 2015, the last date of the tour, “Hitalia” by Gianna Nannini, I was the open act of that tour... The open act is the one that gets on stage before the main artist, and then plays in front of an audience that came to hear other music and it is waiting to see, in fact, his favorite artist for which he has paid. Surely you already been to see a concert in a palace, you are talking about a minimum of 10,000 people.. 10.000 paying visitors came to see the concert of Nannini, bothered by a guy almost unknown who sings his songs with guitar and voice (entire tour guitar and vocals, 10 arenas). Gianna in the final date of the tour called me on stage during the encores, and duettammo together, guitar and vocals, one of his masterpieces "A day of brutality". That tour was the musical experience that has taught me and made it grow all my life. Wednesday, April 11, Gianna Nannini is playing at the PaLa Modì Livorno. Gianna called me and it will go up again on stage with my guitar, but this time as a guest. Things don't happen never the case, at least in my life. Good Sunday

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