Drunk, steals a tank and robs a shop for a bottle of wine!

Published on Jan 14, 2018

Probably excited extremely after witnessing the evolutions of Pierce Brosnan in the 007: Goldeneye among the streets of St. Petersburg, or frustrated by the bartender who did not want to give him the last shot, the drunk man has stolen a tank and, after driving through the streets of the city, broke through a window to be able to take possession of a bottle of wine!

It happened to Apatity, a city of the ÔÇťoblast of Murmansk, a region located in the north-west of Russia, and there are also videos that testify to what happened!

Apparently the man, it is still unclear whether a civilian or a military man, completely drunk, has managed to seize a tank used by the driving school of a barracks (and then thankfully devoid of armaments), guiding him to the nearby city and making it crash against the window of a supermarket.

After the breach, the man jumped out from the vehicle and was arrested while attempting to steal a bottle of wine from the shop destroyed.

Even if I struggle to understand how he managed to steal the tank (the keys were stuck in the sun visor?), I find it absurd that, once it is set to the guide, instead of starting for the conquest of a simple bottle of wine, and not have attempted to invade Kamchatka!

There is never a nerd drunk when you need it!

Source: Nerdist

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