Drops Drop event dedicated to the grappa

Published on Apr 29, 2018

In Milan, the first big event entirely devoted to grappa, in the weekend of 5-6 may at the Palazzo delle Stelline.

The Association ANAG Tasters Grappa and other Spirits organizes the event Drops to drop which celebrates the grappa no longer a simple drink by the end of the meal, but a product that is increasingly used in the field of mixology and bartending, with special attention to enhance its ancient origins, rural and traditional.

Among the cloisters of the Palazzo delle Stelline, the best national producers of grappa and brandy to involve the public more and more extensive and careful, tastings, tales and anecdotes about this world.

In detail, the entrance is free, you can purchase a drink card that costs 20 euros with 8 credits and the glass to taste the different types of guided tastings, depending on the kind of grappa, and brandy.

Naturally could not miss the combination with the food, as far as the meats is the lard of colonnata, combined with young grappas, while the bacon cooked with the apples lends itself to be accompanied with grappa and aromatic; among the cheeses, grappa, young people are well matched to blue cheeses while those in aged cheese, smoked.

And still matching with crudites, chocolate and candied fruit, among the novelties is the presentation of the grappa in a sweet version with the ice Cream Super ice-cream molecular grappa which will be prepared at the time by the master gelato maker Marco Offence.

An event that offers an area for tastings, a tasting, a fumoir (for lovers of Tuscan) and an aperitif area, it pays to book in order to participate in wine tastings, for all the info and details see the website of Anag, you can also participate in a photo contest by posting your photos in the theme “witty” by using the #40annianag.




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