Drama korea: the 5 titles by which you should start!

Published on May 04, 2018

Admit it, at least once in your life, we've all see our mothers or our grandmothers watch with interest one of the many telenovelas or soap operas that are proposed and re-proposed for years, without solution of continuity. You'll probably also wonder how they appreciate these programs, as well as the above you will be ask how do we, watching cartoons and anime. And if I told you that from south Korea but also from China and from Japan) comes the definitive answer that can reconcile the tastes of all? Ladies and gentlemen here are the Drama Korean!

In the last year, in fact, also here in Italy, the craze for the Drama, Korean has “hit” an audience of young and less young: female students, housewives, mothers, or even grandmothers.

It must be said, in fact, that most of the Drama Korean circulation seems to be mainly addressed to a female audience, but it is fair to point out that in Korea are also many kids to follow these tv series generally composed of a single season, where the episodes can last from 20 minutes up to an hour.

The beauty of this mode is that the broth is not stretched: the story remains brilliant, the actors do not end up being held up for a single role (we all know how it ended for the young Daniel Radcliffe), and, of course, us viewers won't have to wait months or years to see how it goes.

This makes the Korean television one of the most prolific and varied in the world, so where to start?

Know that K-Drama (as they are abbreviated), there is something for all tastes: romance, sci-fi, drama, comedy, historical. Often the various genres are mixed together in an extremely natural way, making the drama easy to watch, a great way to detach the head from reality, or from something more challenging, staccandovi often a laugh or smile.

With the help of the facebook Drama (italian fandom), I've drawn up a list of the ones that are the 5 best Drama", Korean start with and why!

Anything can happen when the designer of the comic noir bed in south Korea is absorbed by his own comic and the protagonist of his creation, reaches the real world.

This is the plot of W, Two Worlds, a drama fantasy, very original and full of twists and turns from beginning to end and action, able to satisfy the palate of the public, rather broad.

Full of ideas, very funny and consistent with the storyline, there costringerete to bingewatching to see how it ends! Lee Jong-suk, who plays Kang Cheol, the protagonist of the comic strip in the series, is one of the actors of the drama, the most loved are, in fact, lies in the different series that Korean success!

In the imaginary country of the Mediterranean, king of Uruk, a war is underway, the captain of the special forces, there to fight, and a doctor of a humanitarian organization ready to help people, you meet again on the field.

Two distant worlds: the war and the medicine that converge together into a script is very close to us levels. Shot between Seoul and Zante, Descendant of the Sun has climbed the rankings by beating the record ratings.

The ghost of a part of the resistance of korea against the japanese, who in the ’20 occupied Seoul, trapped in a typewriter finds his friend and colleague, reincarnated in one writer, so that after almost a century, their collaboration may shed light on the events that have led to his death.

This is the synopsis of the Chicago Typewriter. Well-acted and melancholy, this drama moves between the past and the present telling the story of Korea, very little known in the west. Great to start with the drama and get used gradually to the style that characterizes them.

Gong Yoo, the protagonist of Train to Busan, one of the best zombie movie of the last few years, is one of the main characters of this drama concluded in 2017.

A Goblin (not those of western culture, but something more akin to a deity) wait for 300 years, that the sword in his chest is extracted from his bride, or the only woman able to see her.

A modern setting, but with a rich flashback to the middle ages Korean,, the green Goblin manages to mix the perfection of the scenes that can make you laugh or smile, others to elicit a tear, not to mention a director that makes certain scenes definitely epic! The green Goblin is absolutely one of the drama the most acclaimed of recent times!

A note of honor goes to Boys Over Flowers, the drama of 2009.

In fact, if you ask to an Italian fan, what is the first series Korean to have seen, more often than not will respond with this title taken from the japanese manga Hanayori Dango by Yoko Kamio.

Even those who are not particularly appreciative of not do have to admit that this drama has carved out its space in the heart of the “drama lovers”.

The plot revolves around the life of Jan di and the F4 (the Flower Boy), four smart kids and thought to be the most beautiful and popular of the high school Shinhwa.

A drama student than the most recent one may seem more obvious, but even now, at a distance of 9 years, is still remembered and recommended to all those who want to look out of this world!

And you, you have already seen some of these drama Korean? There are others that you feel worthy of interest? Please let us know with a comment below!

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