Dragonero Magazine: three stories and many curiosities – Review

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Dragonero Magazine, from the Erondar could get the right direction to give the Magazines the right size

Among all the publications of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, the ones that now I struggle to understand are the Magazine, whose most recent incarnation, Dragonero Magazione, enriched this already rich month for the scout erondariano, which has already donated goodies such as Senzanima or Slayer of dragons.

We start from the well-known sore. One clarification, when you speak of the defects of the publication it is not absolute values, but a pure and simple personal vision of the object in question. The Magazine are the heirs of the dear, old Almanacs, annual numbers that gathered the vintages, editorial and cinematographic, of a certain kind to make a report to readers. It happened, therefore, that Nathan Never was the bearer of the Almanac of science Fiction or Nick to accompany us in the Almanacco del Giallo.

At the time, the spread of the internet was not yet so invasive, the information presented in the Almanac was for many readers a useful summary of the last year, pointing out something that was perhaps lost. The advent of new technologies has made it, for most of us, the readers, the cases of lost opportunities and a decidedly anachronistic.

Then, the Magazine are to be abolished?

The answer is contained right in the Dragonero Magazine. The first part, well cared, shows the great years, including video games, books, and the like. Pages wasted, for reasons mentioned above. But mainly because of the content the next show of the dossier (or the fantasy files) to the work of brands such as Gianmaria Against, Maurizio Colombo, Graziano Frediani and Luca Barbieri have an appeal far greater. The reader who is looking for something intriguing or curious wanting to lose themselves in these contributions, the real gems is told with passion by those who have the tools and preparation to be suitable. The content and the pens to write them there are, you just have to let them more space.

Another point in favor of Dragonero Magazine is the originality of the story. I compared the Nathan's Magazine, which is now not seen in the original stories, but only reprints of stories already read and re-read several times. Ian Aranill, however, also in this album gives us a new story, perfectly inserted in the macrotrama and I am sure that in the future will play a crucial role.

To be honest, this story is divided in three different moments. The plot is always signed by one of the fathers of Ian, Stefano Vietti, but the graphic team that realizes them is always different. The drawings are signed by Masacci, Kitchen and Galliccia, a trio of designers who never allows us to forget that we are in the Erondar, managing to bring us into this land of fantasy, with all of its charm. To emphasize this feeling involved the colors of the three ladies of color (Alessia Nocera, Ketty Cheese and Piky Hamilton), who know how to exploit every aspect of the work of their fellow designers, with sensitivity and passion. The final touch, the lettering of Luke Rope, precise and flawless as usual.

It is worth to buy Dragonero Magazine, also only the part of the comic? The net of doubts and perplexities, that is certainly. Back home, The young girl kidnapped, and The sword of the Dark are three short stories tied together and well-rooted in the continuity of Dragonero, not only because it reflects better the mood of the protagonists, but why enrich a narrative context that is already well structured.

Dragonero Magazine is currently the best represented of the potential of this type of publication. The desire to tell stories in new and exciting, enriched the volume with content that is interesting and curious are the pillars on which to build a publication engrossing. We are already well on the way, missing the last two, brave steps. Almanacs now no longer exist, let them go, releasing the Magazine is also the last link (the above-mentioned summary of the year). With the revolution that is going to invest the Erondar, maybe Dragonero can revolutionise the Magazine!

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