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Published on Oct 23, 2019


Ian has strange nightmares. Something is going to change to Erondar. Born in Flames is one of the stories, the symbol of Dragonero, able to weigh and better understand the narrative context of the saga, and to understand the important skills of Ian.

In a land where dragons are not seen for a thousand years, the appearance of a special stone that falls from the sky, it will raise a motion in the Erondar, from sue, Ian and the hunters of dragons, bestiaries, reduced now to characters of dubious value.

The world of Dragonero appears fascinating and full of adventure, capable of nourishing the deepest spirit of the fantasy genre. Ian and his ally Gmor are the figures at the summit of a context in which the legends and the mysteries overlap each other. In particular, in the Born in Flames, to be the prominent element of the story is the disappearance of the dragons from Erondar, which took place many hundreds of years before, but whose distant presence in lands remote continues to be felt, and to become suddenly tangible.

In all of this, you cut out space to the important hunters of dragons appointed bestiaries, which, without more dragons in the circulation are reduced to outcasts. But even these figures will in any way be characterized, moving between good and evil, and by putting a character like Reykart.

To give additional value to this volume there is the mini-story comic entitled “The last Flight”, in which a man of Erondar try to get in the territories of the dragons standing in the air, with the goal to catch the eggs of the dragon.

And it is precisely in this story that readers of Dragonero can look beyond the territories usually presented in the tales comic book series. The distant lands of the dragons are a look at a territory of the imagination was boundless, full of adventures yet to be discovered.

It is a story dreamlike and intriguing one of “The last Flight”, a reference to the legend of Icarus, which enhances even more the figure of the dragon in the stories of Dragonero.

Born from the Flames, then, is a volume that represents the essence of the series by Luca Enoch, a saga comic that manages to take the best of the fantasy, and to get relieved from all those dynamic narrative that often make this kind is not easy to approach.

Despite the many characters, stories, and worlds that surround the narrative universe of Dragonero, Luca Enoch has the ability to stand out in each story only a few essential figures, in a way that makes the most linear and understandable as possible, the narrative path of the story.

This is one of the strengths of Dragonero, which in this volume is enriched by drawings of Alfio Buscaglia, and colors of Paolo Francescutto, who can give you lightness, freshness and vivacity to a simple story, but very enjoyable.

For all fans of Dragonero Born in Flames is one of those stories that embody the best of the spirit of the series. While for the first time is the best way to discover a great comic book series proposal from the great Sergio Bonelli Editore.

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