Dragonero: behind the scenes with Luca Barbieri and Marina Sanfelice

Published on Dec 06, 2017

Dragonero is increasingly one of the flagship products of Sergio Bonelli Editore. Born ten years ago as a graphic Novel, the series-created by Stefano Vietti and Luca Enoch, he immediately enjoyed the affection of the public. The setting of fantasy, the series has been since the first steps of Ian Aranill very much appreciated, as well as the demonstration behind this series there is a great care, at every level of production. The children of this professionalism and the success of the series, are also the two spin offs that have recently taken on new life, or the Adventures (aimed at an audience of young adventurers) and Senzanima, with a decidedly more mature wants to tell part of the past of Ian.

After interviewing at Lucca Comics & Games 2017 part of the cast of Dragonero, in the past few days we were in the headquarters of the milan publishing house, and carry us into the behind-the-scenes of the series by Luca Barbieri and Marina Sanfelice. Luke is the curator of the series, a role that very well explains in the video below, and that we live on a monthly basis thanks to his Chronicles of the Erondar, with which we are greeted promptly in the books. In Marina we have the lettering of Dragonero, namely, the words of the characters, a painstaking work which she has explained with his usual precision and passion.

Between explanations and practical demonstrations of their work, Luke and Marina brought us on a journey that shows the amount of work that hides behind every book of the series, in addition to whet our curiosity with some clues cleverly laid between a discourse and the other, with the final map of the Erondar used by the team of Dragonero, and a threatening prophecy: it may soon be necessary to draw another! Curious, true? Then we leave you the video interview!

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