Dragonero Adventures: The island of the kraken – Review

Published on Apr 08, 2018

The new size of the Young Ian Aranill comes this month in its sixth number, The island of the Kraken. So far, Dragonero Adventures has been able to exploit to the best the component of a narrative, addressed to young people, making it an interesting read even for readers who are more adult.

Essential in this, his dual nature was the perfect balance between drawings and story, an element that has borrowed from the series owner of Dragonero. The island of the kraken, for the first time, gave me the impression of having lost this balance.

Before going into the merit, it is necessary a premise. The Dragonero Adventures are born to a very young audience readers are more likely to get excite from the visual impact, without going to look for those details that the more elderly visitors to the world of comics should be find. If previously the issues of this series could satisfy both categories of readers, the new issue of Dragonero Adventures has left me with the impression that may be certainly more appreciated by the young audience.

Despite two great stories designed by Luca Enoch, the designs, especially in the first story, are strongly characterized by this perspective, childlike.

Alessandro Pastrovicchio has made the story that gives the title to the register. Previously I had impressed us in the register of Morgan Lost in which blended nicely reality and fiction cartoon, but with this story I have not lived in the same transport.

The construction of the tables, on the whole, it has nothing that you don't come back, but at certain points I had the feeling something was not exactly in its place. Were the backgrounds (as detailed and rich as usual), it was not the cartoonish style, but at the end son arrived at the solution: faces.

The faces of Ian and his companions are the weak point. Appreciate the desire to give them a tone more boyish, rounded faces, but at some points in history, this tendency of the author is gone, according to me, the strike of the familiarity of the faces the same, and also losing of the linearity between a table and the other. In some of the scenes, Ian has a round face, the other suddenly appear the outlines sharp, the speech also applies to his companions.

Then Pastrovicchio was wrong? Good question, but the answer is not mine to give.

The reader is dated, I can only say that these issues relate to my perception of history, which are not the target of the series. The opinion defintivo should be given by the young readers, who are the only and true judge of the goodness of the designs of Dragonero Adventures.

The coloring of Marcello Iozzoli, particularly intense, mitigates in part this feeling. Iozzoli to play well on the contrasts of light. His rendering of the sea, the shades of the sunsets and of the battle with the automatons of the Puppeteer are evocative, perhaps a little too much fillers, but still enjoyable and exciting.

After the deepening is dedicated to the grandparents of Ian and Myrva at the center of the world register, we have the second story, The race of the village.

Following the events experienced in the previous adventure, Ian and Gmor will be engaged in the ‘Barcolata‘, the traditional annual regatta in which the two friends will compete with a boat very special! Re-signed by Luca Enoch, The regatta village is a fun story and lighthearted, which shows an aspect of life that is more peaceful (so to speak!) of the young adventurers. One of the merits of Dragonero Adventures is to keep that desire to show the traditions and scenes of life of the normal of the protagonists of the narrative universe of Dragonero, and The regatta of the village is definitely one of these occasions.

Entrusted to the pencil of Richard the Flag, this adventure must convey to readers the sense of speed and dynamism, the challenge for Ian and Gmor take part in it. Under this aspect, the Flag does not disappoint, using in a smart way the kinetic lines to indicate the movements of the vessels. Where, instead, loses its concreteness, is the care of the seabed, especially in the early pages, in which the buildings of the port seem to be only sketchy and there is a lack of the usual attention to detail that has so far characterized the quality of Dragonero Adventures.

Also the colouring of Giulio Zeloni has not that flash particular. While they do not miss anything to the reader, is less engaging and exciting than usual, being almost flat in some spots.

To be clear, are the small things that you notice going to comb through every board, but i'm sure that young readers are sure to be entranced by the vividness of the stories and tables.

And at the end, having regard to the intent of the series, this is not the result that matters?

The net of what is said, Dragonero Adventures, there is still a series that makes its mission to engage new fans to the world of comics. The light-heartedness of childhood involves not caring about the technical details or errors (such as ‘bracolata‘ instead of ‘barcolata‘ in the last panel of the comic), but the search for a particular emotion, a pure enjoyment that also in The island of the Kraken breathes.

And the adventurous spirit will surely not miss the beautiful cover of Riccardo Crosa, dynamic, and more similar to a perfect photograph than a drawing. The tension of the bodies and the intensity of the glances of the protagonists are flawless, with Ian, which contains in its heroic gesture, the typical charisma of the adventurer. All enhanced by the coloration of Paul Franscescutto, in shape as always.

Inevitable also the lettering of the Marina Sanfelice, and the careful editorial care of Luca Barbieri.

The appointment with Dragonero Adventures is now on may 4th with The swamp mysterious, while the Erondar prepares to welcome us soon with the new chapter in the Saga of the Black Queens on the set of Dragonero!

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