Dragonero Adventures: The demon, winged – Review

Published on Jan 10, 2018

The first round of 2018 with the Erondar is offered by the return on the newsstand of Dragonero Adventures, the spin-off of the hit fantasy series, Sergio Bonelli Editore, is now in its third number. The adventures of the young trio of heroes have been well received by the readers of the saga created by Stefano Vietti and Luca Enoch, who, despite having thought about this necklace for an audience of young readers, also earned the appreciation of our readers and adults.

The formula of the division into two stories remains a pleasant constant of the series in The demon-winged, but if previously the second episode was dedicated to the training of young Ian with grandpa Eron, in this third output is designed to follow a single narrative that unites the two stories.

The demon wings and A new friend, in fact, are both stories that teach our kids, through the eyes and the heart of Ian, the love and respect for animals. The theme is tackled with the usual lightness and the hint of adventure typical of Dragonero Adventures, looking for that balance the narrative between the moral and the fun that is the hallmark of the series. The sequencing of the two adventures enriches the series of its own continuity, which takes form also in the disruption of the narrative line of the Puppeteer, and training. It is a choice that I liked, I considered how to convey that feeling of light-heartedness and lack of a fixed pattern typical of youth.

In the first adventure, Vietti leads us to confront ourselves with the concept of instinct and nature. A menacing creature is infesting the campaigns Silveridhe and the local population addresses to the family of Ian for advice, before giving way to a hunt to flush out the monster. Could not the three young friends not to be tempted by this adventure? No, of course not!

The demon winged fails to thrill thanks to the excellent construction of the relationship between Ian, Myrva and Gmor. Take it for granted because we read the series adult it would be a mistake, because this dynamic three is one of the keys to the reading of Dragonero Adventures. We are witnessing the formative years of the three characters, an age critical for the creation of their identity as an adult. The jokes, the pranks, and the reactions that animate their days are the first steps of the strong personalities that we see on a monthly basis for the past four years; reading this series, for us adults, it is a journey to the origin of the characters, which also mixes our memories of a time past that we are all related.

For a young player, instead, means to read an adventure with the imagination has surely lived, but based on an interaction between peers in a palpable, lived in his daily life. This empathy stems from a lexical choice close to the irreverent tone of the first adolescence, with that playful spirit that the soul of that age.

Good in this sense, the work of Manuel Bracchi. The designer was able to reproduce the expressions and attitudes of the characters so natural and familiar. The glances of complicity, the poses anxious for a new invention of Myrva or the emotion of the same ‘demon’ are cleverly incorporated in a graphic realization that it is the approach most cartoonish, surely more stimulating for a young player. Bracchi is able to give to The demon, winged, characterization, emotional in line with the history of Vietti, interpreting at its best the narrative pace and the tone entertaining and moral. Claudia Boccato contributes excellently with the coloring, which despite being always of good quality, reaches its climax in the moments of planning in the forest and in the views clubs, particularly suggestive.

A new friend, the second story of Vietti, we see at work a name to which all readers are loyal: Giuseppe Matteoni. The cover artist of the regular series engages with the Dragonero Adventures by drawing an adventure of three young scavezzacolli in which a nest of dragons remained without protection, becomes the target of a rescue mission.

Also in this case the narrative sparkling Vietti (who consecrates Gmor as the unintentional creator of a widespread delicacy) is shot in a perfect way by the drawings of Matteoni, at ease even with the version young of Dragonero. A new friend is confirmed as the young Myrva, at the time, the character of the strong attention of the trio, not only for his ability to always pull you out of trouble of the three, but for her talent as a emotional and his enterprising spirit, and showing already the determination of its adult version.

To give color to this second adventure, we think of Paolo Francescutto, become a guarantee for the coloring on the Dragonero. Always impeccable, Paul surprised me with a color range that is particularly impressive for the two pages of the first day of the journey, where a wonderful range of shades offers us a lovely forest, before leaving room for a game of lights and shadows during the bivouac particularly detailed.

As always, the two names do not leave us alone to live the Dragonero Adventures. Riccardo Crosa signature on the cover, with a design inspired by the first story in which the three young adventurers are the thesis before the fight, while Marina Sanfelice continues to lend his experience to the lettering to the myth of the scout of the Erondar! Always interesting and fun the central insert of the register, in which the authors help us to discover new details and curiosities of the world of our heroes, combining an explanation of the small ironic comments of our young friends.

The appointment with the young adventurers is now scheduled for 6 February with Over the wall, while in these days we have to run into the newsagent to assist in the beginning of the Saga of the Black Queens in the regular series, with The Black Queens!

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