Dragonero Adventures: a preview of “In the lair of the goblin”

Published on Dec 02, 2017

In the lair of the goblins is the second book of Dragonero Adventures, here is a glimpse of what awaits us!

The Dragonero Adventures have finally started, with the first number of the Three young heroes. The waiting series is a spin-off of Dragonero dedicated to the young Ian Aranill is aimed at an audience of young readers, but has been able to collect the interest of comic fans much more mature.

After this first issue, the introductory, the Dragonero Adventures are back on newsstands on December 6, In the lair of the Goblins. Unlike the first issue, this second issue presents itself in the division into two stories.

In the lair of the goblin will be written by Stefano Vietti, with artwork by Antonella Platano and the colors of Alessandra Baccaglini.

“Wings and claws, moving in the night. A monster has been seen flying in the skies near Silveridhe. Fear spreads among the peasants, and after sunset the windows of the houses are closed and the doors barred. But Ian, Myrva and Gmor are certainly not types which make you take the fear... not too much, at least... and so, develop an action plan to capture the monster. A plan that involves balls sticky, a catapult, and arrows of light. The hunt begins!“

The second story, The training Ian will always be written by Stefano Vietti, but designed by Vicenzo Riccardi and colored by Adele Matera.

“The training from the warrior Ian goes through the pitfalls of a complex machine designed by his ingenious (and, in this case, evil) little sister: daydreaming may be the right solution to overcome this difficult test?”

The appointment with the second number of Dragonero Adventures is for the 6th of December, at the newsstand!

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