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Published on Mar 08, 2019


Sergio Bonelli Editore has recently pulled off a part of their own potential with crossovers and team-ups (where we have mostly seen involved Dylan Dog along with characters such as Dampyr and Morgan Lost). But in 2015, the SBE created a team-up between Zagor and Dragonero, which is presented in this period (coinciding with the Super), in an edition bond, and with the likely intention of emphasising that this road will continue to be beaten more and more often by the publisher of Via Buonarroti.

Adventure of Darkwood sees Dragonero and Gmor catapulted into the lands of Zagor, the effect of a plan devised by Oram Thais, the technocrat renegade who wants to unleash the Ghouls against the Empire. Zagor and Cico are going to support Dragonero and Gmor in this battle against evil.

We say that the team-up often are donuts that do not come out with the hole. Having to make co-exist the two characters in a story able to meet both the anime at times is likely to remain one of the two in the background, or maybe not able at all to create the amalgam. Despite the Universe of Dragonero lend themselves well to a mash-up with the World of Zagor, in this story, Stefano Vietti, trying to show the environment in which he lives, Ian Aranill with his companions. The story takes the protagonists the characters of the universe of Dragonero, while Zagor and Cico are mostly by the support of Ian, Gmor and Myrva.

This does not mean that the story is not enjoyable, or you sacrifice space for a character at the expense of the other. Simply following a plot set with a bad coming from the universe of Dragonero, and that then flows mostly in that type of environment.

Surely the 140 pages used to tell the story fail to compensate for the narrative potential of Zagor and Dragonero (but not it would be enough even 200). But, you still have the feeling that there is something unspoken that weakens a bit the characters.

The drawings of Walter Venturi instead, they are able to reconcile the two souls of the protagonists. The freshness of Dragonero are able to adapt even to the more classic style of Zagor. And give you extra vitality there are the colors of GFB Comics.

The final interview accompanying the volume, made up of Stefano Vietti (one of the creators of Dragonero) and Moreno Burattini (editor Zagor) is another small piece to seal the team-up between the two heroes. The dynamics of this type of stories need to leave space to both protagonists, and to make sure that the cause of the one and of the other coincide. The ultimate goal is to enhance the two characters by feeding and powering each other.

Adventure of Darkwood, perhaps, fails to express the full potential of Zagor and Dragonero, but it was certainly a good starting point to inaugurate a custom that Sergio Bonelli Editore has consolidated over the years, and that has even led to an amazing collaboration with the super american publisher DC Comics.

In short, if you want to explore some of the potential of two of the greatest characters of the SBE, and if you want to read one of the first comics in which the publisher of Via Buonarroti tried to experiment with the operation of the team-up Adventure of Darkwood, is the volume just right.

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