Dragon Ball: the fusion between Bulma and chi-chi


Published on Feb 21, 2019


Gogeta will surely be casting more discussed in recent months through the most recent interaction of Dragon Ball Super Broly, and the long-lived franchise created by Akira Toriyama owes its fame also thanks to the technique in question, but this time it was reached a level almost unimaginable.

In Dragon Ball anything is possible, not if the Dragon Balls that are capable to fulfill every thing, but have you ever thought of an eventual fusion between Bulma and chi-chi?

If not, know that there is. As reported by a japanese magazine, the two women stronger (humanly speaking) of the universe of Dragon Ball, in particular, to be the wives of the two Saiyans most daring ever, have been merged to give life to a fusion temporary and takes the name of Bulchi.

The union enhances the unmistakable beauty of Bulma and the incomparable face of angry chi-chi. Here is what it looks like the merger between the two land:

Female Fusion 😍😍 ( Bulchi ) Fusion of Bulma and Chi-Chi

— Rénaldo | サイヤ人. (@Renaldo_Saiyan) April 18, 2019

In the course of the last few hours on the web, it is theorized a possible appearance of fusion in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the arcade video game successful in Japan that introduces the characters, mergers and every other kind of transformations, in a formula exclusively dedicated to the fanbase, sacrificing the plot and how up to now built up in the original series. We just have to wait to find out.

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Dragon Ball: the fusion between Bulma and chi-chi is




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