Dragon Ball: the fifth evolution of the Freezer in a fan-art


Published on Sep 22, 2019


The characters within the narrative universe of the Dragon Ball have a long series of evolutions and transformations. These processes are of interest to both the good characters and the evil characters, and in particular the latter.

If we think of the wicked the most relevant of the set, there immediately comes to mind the Freezer. The alien, in the course of his life narrative, showed different evolutionary stages until reaching even to a “Golden” view in the animated film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F (2015).

In the course of recent times, we have learned that there is no limit to the universe of Akira Toriyama, for this is a passionate, through Reddit, has posted a his version of a hypothetical fifth stage of the evolution of the Freezer.

The user @PapillonStudios so imagine the new form of the Emperor of evil:

Freiza form by papillonstudios

Basically, the design of the body of the Freezer is not very different from the perfect form canonical, but there is the addition of the physical characteristics of the first stage with horns on his head, and a forked tail.

The force will be very high, but, what is more certain, not enough to stop our heroes.

Dragon Ball: the fifth evolution of the Freezer in the fan-art is




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