Dragon Ball Super Vegeta appears in the currency of the planet Yardrat


Published on Oct 19, 2019


Within the number of December 2019 of V-Jump (21 October) Shueisha will publish the chapter number 53 of Dragon Ball Super, the manga written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro, where the narration proceeds with the story arc of Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol.

We left our heroes, Goku and Vegeta, now divided to train new techniques and strategies to defeat the evil eater of planets and magician of the name Moro.

In particular, while Goku is trying to control the Ultra Instinct through the support of Merus, Vegeta went to planet Yardrat to learn new strategies to beat Moro.

In chapter 52 of the manga monthly he learned on Yardrat, the inhabitants developed the ability to teleport, actually, shrink, and multiply by entrusting their body to the control of spiritual energy and in the upcoming new chapter 53, at least from the first leak that came out, Vegeta is training in this sense.

Through the web users that have purchased copies of the clamping arm of V-Jump have published the first images of chapter 53, and among them we shall quote one in which Vegeta, training on the planet Yardrat, he wears the typical costume of the aliens that brought Goku in the historical phase of learning Instant Transmission after the victory against the Freezer.

The Twitter user @EmperorBigD has released the artwork created by Toyotaro of Vegeta wearing the seal of Yardrat. Here you are:

Well it's coming out...

So I might as well be the one to show you. I don't like blue-balling anybody. Here it is one of my favorite Dragon Ball images of the manga in 2019

— 🎃GeekDOOM101🎃 (@EmperorBigD) October 18, 2019

The story arc with Moro began at the end of chapter 42 and has, for now, the volume, the number 10.

Dragon Ball Super is an animated series of japanese, produced by Toei Animation, aired in Japan on Fuji Television which arises as a result of the defeat of Majin Buu. The series ended with the episode number 131 (A conclusion the miraculous! Goodbye Goku, until the day when we will see each other again!). The programming of the anime has stopped at episode 76.

The direct sequel of the anime series is the 20th animated film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super Broly released on the 28th of February with Koch Media Italia and Anime Factory.

The manga version is made on a monthly basis, designed and written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. The manga is serialized in V-Jump (Shueisha) by 20 June 2015 and is currently joint chapter 52, with the first 48 the writings collected in 10 volumes. The manga is currently dealing with the narrative arc Universal Survival (Tournament of Power).

The Italian edition of the manga is entrusted to Star Comics with the first 8 volumes already available for purchase.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta appears in the currency of the planet Yardrat is




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