Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro draw Belmod young


Published on Oct 23, 2019


Through the official web site dedicated to Dragon Ball, Toyotaro, the mangaka behind the drawings of the manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super (written by Akira Toriyama), has made public the picture of the month and this time he thought of Belmod.

In particular, Toyotaro has drawn the younger version of Belmod when he was still a member of the Pride Troopers (never shown before in the manga). Remember that Belmod is currently elevated to a God of Destruction dell’11° the Universe.

Here is the picture of Toyotaro:

🔥 Toyotaro dessine Belmod jeune, quand il était membre des Prise Troopers.

— 𝐃𝐁-𝐙.com | Dragon Ball Super (@DBZcom) October 23, 2019

This is a confirmation from the author that the Of the of the Destruction dell’11° the Universe are gone, at least in the majority of cases, by the faction of the Pride Troopers. As well as Belmod, also Too is a possible candidate for the role of the next God of Destruction, and is currently, together with Jiren, is one of the most strong team devoted to justice.

Dragon Ball Super is an animated series of japanese, produced by Toei Animation, aired in Japan on Fuji Television which arises as a result of the defeat of Majin Buu. The series ended with the episode number 131 (A conclusion the miraculous! Goodbye Goku, until the day when we will see each other again!). The programming of the anime has stopped at episode 76.

The direct sequel of the anime series is the 20th animated film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super Broly released on the 28th of February with Koch Media Italia and Anime Factory.

The manga version is made on a monthly basis, designed and written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. The manga is serialized in V-Jump (Shueisha) by 20 June 2015 and is currently joint chapter 53, with the first 48 the writings collected in 10 volumes. The manga is currently dealing with the narrative arc Universal Survival (Tournament of Power).

The Italian edition of the manga is entrusted to Star Comics with the first 9 volumes are already available for purchase.

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