Dragon Ball Super: the differences for Toppo and Jiren between anime and manga


Published on Sep 26, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

Continues fiercely contending for the salvation of the Universes in the Tournament of Power in the manga version of the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, drawn by Toyotaro and written by Akira Toriyama, now that I was only 7° and 11° the Universe.

While the time flows inexorably from the ranks of the 7th Universe were Goku, Vegeta, C-17, and the Freezer, while in those of 11°, and in numerical inferiority, there are still Jiren, Dyspo and Toppo. The new chapter, 40° published by Shueisha in the weekend, promises a moment of peace, indeed, create two distinct factions within the World of Nothing: Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren and Dyspo, Toppo against the C-17 and the Freezer.

The manga is especially famous for presenting substantial differences from the animated series ended in march 2018, and the recent chapter has presented, and also quite huge.

We start, as in the title, Too. Toppo, as always, was presented as the second most powerful warrior in the 11th Universe and candidate to the God of Destruction. Inside of the anime, when the events are placed temporally with those of the manga, Toppo is forced to face different battles, Gohan, Freezer (evolved version of the Golden), from the Android Number 17 until you get even to face Vegeta. In all these battles, Too it is shown, without too many surprises given that it is a candidate to God, an opponent very hostile and difficult to eliminate.

With the passing of the minutes, the Freezer and the C-17 can strike up a good battle strategy up to put on the ropes Too, but the latter, eager not to lose because he's going to save his Universe, plays his last card, and awakening to the enormous power from the God of Destruction. The exact, in the anime, Too, assumes a strong form of the power of the God of Destruction, and from the point of view of the design, the colors of his body changing, his eyes become more threatening and the body is of the distinctive symbols of the Gods of Destruction. In addition, with this form, Toppo is able to boast the Hakai, the power that destroys every thing.

In the course of the Tournament will be Vegeta that, thanks to the new power of the Super Saiyan Evolution, it will eliminate using almost the same technique as the explosive, which he used against Majin Buu to defeat him (albeit by losing a life in vain).

In the manga, instead, Toppo does not seem to anything threatening and strong, as is represented in the anime and, especially, undergoes a deletion is not worthy for a candidate to God of Destruction.

In the course of the last chapter, in fact, loses his duel against vegeta (Golden) and is shipped among the flying debris of the arena. Dyspo launches to the rescue of Toppo to not allow him to fall. The two Pride Trooper, and then, asking for help to Jiren in order to bring them back with his speed from the rubble to the ring (if it was not for him to fight the 7th Universe), ma Jiren, who is confident of his pride and his strength, do not agree to the request of his allies, and causes to fall from their platform of saving because he believes that he can make it alone.

A form of elimination to be Too much different and that makes it less than justice to his character.

Going to Jiren, on the contrary, even the most powerful warrior in the 11th Universe there are some differences compared to the anime.

In the course of the last chapter, in fact, Jiren cites his teacher, who certainly has allowed them to achieve this tremendous level of physical and mental strength, which in the anime has never happened in any opportunity (at least not as in the paper version).

In the anime, we discover the past of Jiren directly from the words of the God of Destruction dell’11° the Universe, Belmond. The God declares that Jiren is so devoted to justice because of a murderer that killed his family and his master. The difference is divided by that in the anime, Jiren never mentions the master, as he is the God of Destruction.

Going back to the manga, when Vegeta begins to fight against Jiren (revealing its new increase in power), asks him how many times he has risked his life for his ideals. After having countered the Saiyan, Jiren declares to have always, in every fight, pushed her life in danger, even if the opponent was weak. He always fought seriously, and never took the situation lightly and this is what he taught his master.

This is a big difference because in the animated series corresponding Jiren does not declare anything of that kind in the course of his battle with Goku and Vegeta, and going forward, most likely, we will discover more about the great warrior. Something more that will make it even more interesting than it already was.

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super is written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. In Italy it is published by Star Comics, 4 volumes, available for purchase.

On 14 December 2018, will debut in Japan on the 20° full-length film of the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super Broly. Akira Toriyama created the story and the character design.

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