Dragon Ball Super: revealed to be the enemy of the new story arc


Published on Nov 22, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

On the occasion of the February 2019-V-Jump (Shueisha), within the manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro, will start the new story arc from new and will take the title of “The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol“. The new story, set immediately after the events of the animated movie Dragon Ball Super Broly (14 December in the halls of the japanese), will debut in particular with the chapter number 43, and today we learn new details about the story.

Precisely, the official web site of V-Jump magazine manga Shueisha, inside of which is serialized in the manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, has already revealed the identity of the bad guy in the new arc. The website describes the new adversary of Goku as the mysterious prisoner disappeared, and has also released the first design made by the hands of the talented Toyotaro. Here he is below:

Oh, well there you have it: vote for the goat and you get the goat.

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) November 21, 2018

At the moment we do not know with certainty if this character will be the main villain. However, the web site of the magazine exalts the exploits of Goku, emphasizing his last opponents faced recently: Jiren in the Tournament of Power (Universal Survival Arc), Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly, and, in fact, this mysterious enemy in the shape of a goat, which will debut in the new story arc. Therefore, judging by the characters side-by-side, it is possible that the next main villain.

The V-Jump website is are hyping up Goku's upcoming tough foes: first the mysterious "escaped prisoner" in the new manga arc, then Jiren in DBS vol.8, and finally Broly in the movie. Presumably that's the "prisoner" in the back there.

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) November 21, 2018

In addition it was also released a trailer with sequences purely manga in the occasion of the forthcoming launch of the new arc. Also in this case, the trailer glorifies the victories of Goku against his historic enemies of the original series written and drawn by Akira Toriyama, or Piccolo daimao, Vegeta, Freeza, the evil Majin Buu, Hit the 6th Universe, and Jiren dell’11° the Universe. To you:

We represent the synopsis of the new arc. Below you will understand some of the details relative to the history:

“Immediately after the Tournament on the Power, and the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly, Goku and Vegeta resume the training when Bulma, after the message of Mister Satan, reveals that a mysterious group has appeared in his house with the intent to kidnap Bu. Goku and Vegeta head on the spot to investigate and indeed found a group, but while he is bringing with him a Bu is still sleeping inside of a spaceship look familiar. The leader of the group recognizes them and immediately manages to knock Goku and Vegeta with a gun numbing. At their awakening, the Saiyans find themselves inside the Headquarters of the Galactic Patrol together in Jaco. The kidnapper of Goku and Vegeta turns out to be Merus, patrol, galactic No. 1 of the section of the elite of the Galactic Patrol and head of the 104 districts (the Jaco is responsible for 3). Merus explains that an evil criminal has escaped from prison, galactic, and in order to capture him again have the help of a person in particular... the Supreme Kai that resides in the body of Buu.

If you are interested in a first look of the new story arc here, you can get to the tables of chapter 42 emerged in the preview.

Recall that the December 14, 2018, made his debut in Japan for the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly and this is, to all effects, the first animated sequel to the animated series Dragon Ball Super complete by march.

Dragon Ball Super is an animated series of japanese, produced by Toei Animation, aired in Japan on Fuji Television which arises as a result of the defeat of Majin Buu. The series ended with the episode number 131 (A conclusion the miraculous! Goodbye Goku, until the day when we will see each other again!). The programming of the anime has stopped at episode 76.

The manga version is made on a monthly basis, designed and written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. The manga is serialized in V-Jump (Shueisha) by 20 June 2015 and is currently joint chapter 42, with the first 36 written collected in 7 volumes. The manga is currently dealing with the narrative arc Universal Survival (Tournament of Power).

The Italian edition of the manga is entrusted to Star Comics with the first 5 volumes already available for purchase.

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