Dragon Ball Super: plans of Moro to Goku and Vegeta


Published on Nov 23, 2019


Given how powerful it is Moro, it has been suggested that he was waiting for Goku and Vegeta to become stronger without a real reason, if not self-satisfaction.

The last chapter of the series has confirmed that this is the case, given that now Moro has discussed his / her plan to not only grow Goku and Vegeta as possible, but also the rest of the fighters on the Earth, that so will be even more of a meal satisfying for him when they finally absorb their ki.

Chapter 54 of the series sees the henchman of Moro to ask him why not eat the planet Earth after discovering that they have powerful fighters, and the Moro replies that it is because there are more threats credible.

When Krillin and Piccolo to tell them of the training of Goku and Vegeta, Moro says he will wait for the first to find them and deal with them because they will give you more energy as long as expected.

He wants to eat the Earth and the power of Goku and Vegeta, in a single delicious meal, and is willing to take his time because there are no fighters in the Galactic Patrol that could put it to the test. At this point, is literally playing with his food just as he did the first two times that he fought against them on Namek.

Two months is nothing for an evil over 10,000 years that has also waited to put in place this great plan, while he was sitting in his cell.

Dragon Ball Super: plans of Moro to Goku and Vegeta it is




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