Dragon Ball Super: is returning to the anime?


Published on Dec 20, 2019


Before Ryo Horikawa (the voice of the japanese historical Vegeta), and now Toshio Yoshitaka, one of the scriptwriters at Toei Animation engaged to the animated series Dragon Ball Super.

And speaking of the animated series, it seems that Dragon Ball Super have a great desire to get back on japanese tv after its conclusion which took place in march 2018, with the episode number 131. And from that day began immediately the countdown to the anticipated recovery.

Toshio Yoshitaka, as anticipated, has worked in the team of scriptwriters for the animated series Dragon Ball Super. He has written episodes, his favorite character is Yamcha (we hope that this detail is not transformed into a troll) and through his beloved Twitter has revealed that he is currently busy at work and will try to overcome the difficulties by pretending to transform into a Super Saiyan.

大好きな湯浅監督との忘年会を断念😭はやりの理由ではなく、ただいま6タイトル執筆中✏️😳#湯浅政明 #忙しい自慢ではない

I'm busy with lots of works but I will get through it while I pretend to be a Super Saiyan🤩
Thank you for supporting me❣️

May the Saiya be with you✨

— Yoshitaka (@toshio916) December 18, 2019

In front of this post fans of Dragon Ball can not remain indifferent. It seems that something is boiling in the pot, even considering the continuous suggestions of the voice-old Vegeta relating to his meetings with Toei Animation.

More this weekend (21 and 22 December) will be the Jump Festa 2020 in Japan, the event dedicated to the franchise manga and anime Shueisha, and Dragon Ball will have its own panel with the cast of voice actors prominent on the stage.

And finally, to complete the circle, the shooting of an animated series as important as Dragon Ball Super requires some commitment and work. Then we are inexorably approaching a revival of the anime? There remains only for us to wait to find out.

The animated series of Dragon Ball Super came to an end in march, 2018 with episode 131. In the meantime, the manga of the same name written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro, proceeds with the narrative arc of " The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol. The material of adaptation, therefore, there is.

Dragon Ball Super is an animated series of japanese, produced by Toei Animation, aired in Japan on Fuji Television which arises as a result of the defeat of Majin Buu. The series ended with the episode number 131 (A conclusion the miraculous! Goodbye Goku, until the day when we will see each other again!). The Italian edition of the souls, acquired by Mediaset and broadcast on Italia 1, which started on 23 December 2016 and is completed with the last episode aired on September 29, 2019.

The direct sequel of the anime series is the 20th animated film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super Broly released February 28, 2019 with Koch Media Italia and Anime Factory.

The manga version is made on a monthly basis, designed and written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. The manga is serialized in V-Jump (Shueisha) by 20 June 2015 and is currently joint chapter 55, with the first 54 the writings collected in 11 volumes. The manga is currently dealing with the narrative arc unpublished de “The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol”.

The Italian edition of the manga is entrusted to Star Comics with the first 9 volumes are already available for purchase.

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