Dragon Ball Super: in the video the moment of the new transformation of Goku, everything there is to know


Published on Oct 09, 2017


And there is no doubt that Dragon Ball Super, since his debut, has met with a large slice of the public that has roundly criticized the product under every point of view, from the script to the animations proposed, but now that the sphere of the public that will change their minds.

In the course of the special episode from an hour of Dragon Ball Super, which took place in the course of the morning of today in Japan, as already, by now, we knew from a handful of weeks, Goku of the 7th Universe and Jiren dell’11° they fought in a battle really mozzafiatante, perhaps one of the most epic and exciting that Goku has ever taken part.

The two mighty warriors have now revealed their main characteristics, but Jiren has distinguished himself to be a very fearsome speed, performance and incredible physical and Ki are certainly much more developed than any other being up to it encountered by our heroes. In fact, noting the power difference, Goku decides to transform into Kaioken x20 enhanced with the Super Saiyan Blue but, noticing that nothing varies, occurs at the Energy Spherical (Energy) to beat Jiren.

After moments of suspense, we note that Jiren able to repel the large sphere (only with the strength of the eyes) against his enemy, the Saiyan who is violently struck, and caught in the explosion. While everyone is worried about Goku, as fearful that it is both disintegrated with the ball, happens, the long-awaited moment.

From the ground you hear a great tremor due to a massive flow of energy: there appears to be Goku in a stage of transformation never seen before by the eyes silvery, black hair and blue aura. The warrior seems to be not yet aware of what happened, therefore his expression is serious and fair.

Here, in this video, the moment of the new transformation of Goku:

Judging from what is revealed by Beerus, the God of Destruction of the 7th Universe, Goku would have achieved the transformation that takes the name of “Ultra Instinct” (in japanese: Migatte no Gokui), that is, the ability to master the movements, independent of the body without thinking (we talked about it in this article). In fact Goku, always against Jiren, is able to anticipate, to dodge and to attack with extreme speed, as if you were not thinking of the actions to perform.

Once you have noticed that a mortal like Goku is managed in order to achieve this mode, the deities did not believe their eyes because it would be an evolution that also a God of Destruction, for example, would struggle to invoke.

According to Whis, the evolution would be born after the great explosion of the spirit Bomb. Specifically, once you have lost the energy to hold on to it, he has infused into himself the whole energy of the sphere (that is able to contain in his body) and the same explosion he did in such a way that the inside of Goku broke the seal for the new hidden potential.

The warrior of the 11th Universe had to commit more to deal with Goku, but Jiren still managed to beat it by upgrading little by little, his great energy. In other words, the new transformation was not effective, most of the time the new form was short-lived.

At the end of the episode, Goku is on the ground, exhausted, the large amount of wasted energy in the new evolution, but is reached from the Freezer which seems to want to give him a bit of his energy so that he is back in the sixth as soon as possible. If you remember, the same scene is happening on the Planet Namek, in their first confrontation, although the circumstances are different. Here's the moment compared:

So hopefully you noticed the parallels between this and Namek.

— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) October 8, 2017

Ultimately, the special episode to be an hour was epic. Goku does not deny, and never exceeds its limits, even if they are not sufficient to beat Jiren. That Goku has reached the level of God of Destruction? Goku will resort again to the’ Ultra Instinct”? It takes only 25 minutes to the end of the Tournament on the Power.

Dragon Ball Super: in the video the moment of the new transformation of Goku, everything there is to know is




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