Dragon Ball Super buu saga: two new promo VIDEOS, and information about the Freezer


Published on Dec 06, 2018


We are almost a week from the release in japanese cinemas of Dragon Ball Super Broly, the 20th animated movie, and 1° to meet in the Super series created by Akira Toriyama, and the profile official Twitter account has released three new promo video on the occasion of the countdown until the 14 of December.

The first is focused on Goku and the second shows the point of view of Vegeta faces, no apparent problems, Broly. In fact, we can see Vegeta which avoids the attacks of the Saiyans exiled from Planet Vegeta.

The third is on the Freezer.

Here are the two preview:

映画"ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー"


公開まであと10日!!#ドラゴンボール超ブロリー#ドラゴンボール超#dragonball#孫悟空 #悟空#12月14日公開

— "ドラゴンボール超"TV・映画公式 (@DB_super2015) December 3, 2018

映画"ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー"



— "ドラゴンボール超"TV・映画公式 (@DB_super2015) December 4, 2018

映画"ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー"



— "ドラゴンボール超"TV・映画公式 (@DB_super2015) December 5, 2018

In addition, the number of January 2019 for Saikyo Jump, the magazine the manga is published by Shueisha available in Japan and online stores for purchase, has heavily publicized in the animated film, revealing, among other things, new information about the Freezer. Come back to life after the Tournament of Power, the historical enemy will have a prominent role in the film in which his lust for revenge and conquest will spread, but will not have easy life despite the new and increasingly impressive Empire.

The magazine speaks of the Freezer from the point of view of his childhood and of his great feat, themes very dear to the new animated film, considering the parallelism that will tell with Goku, Vegeta, and Broly.

Going back to the Freezer, Shueisha reveals that from the moment he was born as the son of King Cold, Freeza was already stronger and more cruel of the same father. It was, therefore, the evil genius of the Freezer to give King Cold the will to yield to his son the Empire.

"They say that from the moment he was born as King Cold''s son, Freezes was already more powerful and more cruel than the king" (quite a claim). It was this "genius for evil" that made Cold want to immediately turn over the reigns's to his son.

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) December 1, 2018

It is not a surprise after all. The Freezer is managed at a stroke to eliminate from existence all the Saiyans, was the sworn enemy of our heroes on the Planet Namek, and all the villain later have a little following in the wake of the wickedness that is generated by the alien. Also the only choice to be part of the production of want to resurrect once again the Freezer is not only a way to exalt the greatness of alien, considering his rivalry with the Saiyans and the theme of the film tied to their origins, but it is also a declaration of the number one enemy of the series.

Remember that Koch Media Italia, through the label specializes Anime Factory, will distribute in the Italian cinemas the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly from 28 February 2019.

Here is the synopsis detailed in the film:

“41 years ago, the King of the Planet Vegeta had a son, who became instantly famous as the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta and proud of his fighting abilities which made him the strongest. At the same time, his faithful right arm of the army, Paragus, is that he too has been blessed by the birth of a son, Broly, which boasted an unusual potential even higher than Vegeta's, so the jealous King confined the miracle Broly on a planet in the distant and dark to the edge of a small spaceship. Paragus, furious, betrayed the King Vegeta in search of his much-loved son and finding him in a planet stormy. Desperately, the small Broly had lost her chance to go home from the time that the impact of the landing had broken mechanisms of the ship which means that he and Paragus had been abandoned for decades and the hope of a positive event was now gone. In the present, on Earth, six Dragon Balls are present in the laboratory Bulma were stolen from the resurrected Freezer to realize his great ambition. In the meantime, the patrol boats of the army of the Freezer randomly found Paragus and Broly at the border of the Galaxy and lead them into the presence of the Freezer, constituting, thus, a battalion phenomenal. Surprised by the high level of combat of Broly, Freeza flies to a wasteland frozen where they are located the Balls. Also Goku and Vegeta go in the same place to retrieve them, but first they have to again deal with their historic enemy, the Freezer and the formidable Broly. The battle, fatal begins and brings both Goku and Vegeta to switch to the defensive from the moment that the crushing strength of Broly evolves constantly and gradually.“

The 20° film di Dragon Ball is inspired by the franchise created by Akira Toriyama and it will be the first that will be added to the circuit of the series “Super”. Akira Toriyama has thought about the character design and the script of the project that will focus on the story of the origins of the strength of the Saiyan warriors.

Akira Toriyama has created the screenplay and the design of the characters. Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) directs the film, Naohiro Shintani is the responsible director of the animations, and Kazuo Ogura is the manager, and the director of the image. Norihito Sumitomo composed the music, Rumiko Nagai is the color designer, Naotake Oota takes care of the special effects and Kai Makino director responsible for the computer graphics. Toei Animation distributes the film in collaboration with 20th Century Fox.

Dragon Ball Super buu saga: two new promo VIDEOS, and information about the Freezer is




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