Dragon Ball Super Broly: the 3 reasons for the great success


Published on Mar 13, 2019


Although separated by kilometers, regions, teams of the heart, political and social different, and who more has of it more puts of it), the 28 February 2019 was undoubtedly the day that united fans and not of a great story. A history that has united so many people and that has allowed the blossoming of friendships and the great debates that still occupy the evenings in between one beer and another. I'm talking about Dragon Ball, the eternal franchise created by Akira Toriyama, and still today, years later, I still can't really understand how the author has managed to create a hit so immortal with an effort on the weave certainly not worthy of literature.

But back to the 28th of February, on this day, Koch Media Italy and Souls Factory have launched in Italian cinemas the real return of Dragon Ball with the 20° animated film of the series and the sequel to the anime Dragon Ball Super which has the taste of those adventures that we all looked at once you come back from school or from university/work. This is Dragon Ball Super Broly, he has the mind and the hand the artistic design of Akira Toriyama, in addition to the crystalline character design Naohiro Shintani, directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and the staff of Toei Animation.

A film created by fans for fans (and not), and then. A story that traces the origins of the Saiyans, and that points to the return to the glory days historical series encompassing the current and modern technology of animation.

But what made it really Dragon Ball Super Broly the beautiful? What are the real fortune of this success? The return of Broly, not official canon for the series, and the complete upheaval in terms of history and personality? This was the thought that I have matured a little before watching the film. But everything changed once he entered in the room.

The beauty of this project is mainly based on three points in particular, and in this article I'll explain as: the people, the references and the arts and, finally, the change of direction of the series seems to go, instead, to a point of beginning.


Once in the room, the prior concern is to find a desolate land, I let myself be gently surprised by the large slice of the public present and the assumptions begin right from the start to be of the best. The target begins to become more and more articulated and, even if the head male of any age, can boast of being blessed among women, not in great quantity, but definitely the most beautiful because it involved an openness of the mind able to still swim the waters of Goku and his companions.

The first strong point of the film, therefore, it was the people who, beyond the age and gender, has put aside the “guilt” of adulthood to return to the blissful ignorance from the boys.

Just before the start of the show, the room is almost full of people eagerly and, once arrived the moment, the excitement reaches its climax with the voice that clashes with the silence. From the first moment, the artistic quality is palpable and it is easy to understand, especially for those who have watched the last events of Dragon Ball Super, as the film is actually passed between the hands of Akira Toriyama.

The applied art to the animation is a mix well blended past and present. The technology, the movement, the lights, the colours, the sounds and voice acting are exaggerated, a paradise for the eyes and for the ears... sometimes, though, almost too exaggerated.

The frame and the photography, supervised actively by Akira Toriyama, is the continuous assurance of this product. The tract noted, and the depth of the environments and characters are a return to the good expensive vintage. Goku and the others move between the scenes as if it were real, every detail is not left to chance, and, for example, the constant and compulsive movement of the tail of the evil Frieza is proof of that.

Clearly it is not only this case. The movement of the limbs creates a satisfaction almost unprecedented, and the latter grows exponentially with the fight scenes, with the pure art of martial arts, with the transformations in Super Saiyan, and more, with the effect of the CGI applied to the animations that, on the other hand, for certain aspects, has not given justice to what you were watching. Sometimes the film tends to make the longer wheelbase of the leg, entering into a real dimension, which has absolutely no need.


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