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Published on Dec 07, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS!

While in Japan, will debut in December 14, 2018, Dragon Ball Super Broly has finally been announced for the Italian cinemas and will be distributed by Koch Media Italia, through the label specializes Anime Factory, the February 28, 2019, but we have recently found that Toei Animation is pushing forcefully for the marketing of the new animation project created by Akira Toriyama in such a way to reveal important information that many fans would have wanted to maintain the time in front of the screen.

A striking example is the name of Gogeta. The merger will return officially in version Super Saiyan Blue and has reinvented itself by Akira Toriyama after so many rumours and suggestions that have recently emerged.

If the revelation before the time of your Comment, you made them believe that Toei would put a stone above with the spoilers, well, you were wrong so much.

In fact, in the last days, the same manufacturer has released online the names of all the tracks from the soundtrack that we listen to in the course of the projection, and, more starkly, between the titles is striking advances that, in the light of the Sun suggest the final of the 20° film project, and what will happen in the very last moments. Remembering that in Japan, the animated film has yet to be proiettatom, it really is a choice singular that the production of reveal really the key points of the script, therefore, we urge you not to precede over because we are going to reveal the anticipations heavy on the end of the film.

Translated by @Herms98, Twitter user credited on the timeliness of Dragon Ball, you will notice that the track number 26 once again confirms the return of your Comment, because the music takes the title of “the Birth of Gogeta!“. However, this is only the beginning, since the track number 32 disrupts definitely a final imagined and thought of by a good chunk of fans, but this animated film is probably designed to break down the expectations.

In fact, the track number 32 takes the name of “Friendship I“, which leaves you to imagine how in the end of the film the fusion of Gogeta not defeat Broly to death, but, otherwise, beat him, then keep him alive, and then leave huge margins for a future in the series... maybe an ally. This great anticipation is on-line, among other things, with the declaration of the voice actor's old Broly and Bin Shimada, who in an interview states that he is an enemy, not evil.

The full track listing for the DBS: Broly OST is now available. It's got spoilers, although it's pretty much the same spoilers that have been around all week. Still, you've been warned:

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) December 3, 2018

Considering the title of this soundtrack, we can infer that he will not die at the end... and it seems that there will also be elections for the good.

This last advance is rather confirmed by those who, on the 13th of November 2018, have had a way to follow the premiere japanese. Although it was not possible to take photos or capture video on the projector, the Internet is unstoppable. In fact, the Twitter user, @DBSChronicles, reports that while the fight is going to defeat Broly, Cheelye, the ally of the latter as well as the new member of the Empire of the Freezer, he asks the Dragon Shenlong to teleport the Saiyans survived on the Planet where you grew up after the exile so as to save it.

Broly, therefore, remain in life, but there is more. Goku several times you travel to this Planet to ensure Broly something to eat, and other utilities.

At the moment we do not know if in the future, Broly will become a warrior Z, but with these advances there are huge margins of possibility.

What does not change, finally, is the Freezer. The historic enemy, resurrected with the final of the Tournament of Power, will have an important role within the film and will act both as an ally than as an enemy later against Broly. Advances to the final, however, reveal that the Freezer will survive and will return in the future while, in the meantime, puts his hands on another Planet.

[Ending Spoiler]

Broly in the end, gets teleported to the place he was grown up.
And Goku goes there to feed him and give him the other things. And Bulma helps Goku in doing this(she stores them in capsules, so that they're easy to carry)#DragonBallSuperBrolySpoiler

— SUPER クロニクル (@DBSChronicles) November 14, 2018

If you are interested in our article we reported on everything that happens of importance in the film following the premiere japanese. At your own risk, beware of spoilers.

The 20° film di Dragon Ball is inspired by the franchise created by Akira Toriyama and it will be the first that will be added to the circuit of the series “Super”. Akira Toriyama has thought about the character design and the script of the project that will focus on the story of the origins of the strength of the Saiyan warriors.

Akira Toriyama has created the screenplay and the design of the characters. Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) directs the film, Naohiro Shintani is the responsible director of the animations, and Kazuo Ogura is the manager, and the director of the image. Norihito Sumitomo composed the music, Rumiko Nagai is the color designer, Naotake Oota takes care of the special effects and Kai Makino director responsible for the computer graphics. Toei Animation distributes the film in collaboration with 20th Century Fox.

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