Dragon Ball Super: a new power to Vegeta?


Published on Sep 24, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

On the occasion of the last chapter manga of Dragon Ball Super, number 39 published in V-Jump, Goku is able once again to overcome its limitations and to awaken, even if only for a short period, the mode of the divine of the Ultra Instinct. Strong of this power is that allows us to attack and defend without having to first think about certain actions, it pushes the Saiyan to launch against Jiren dell’11° the Universe, but the mode wears off in a few seconds, and Jiren again has the reins of the game in the Tournament of Power. In other words, Goku had only shown signs of awakening, but has not yet perfected.

The increase in power Goku is remarkable, and is not linked of course to an increase in physicality, but at an elevation of gold that led him to get closer to a deity. Including this one, on the 40th chapter of Dragon Ball Super published by Shueisha in the weekend, Vegeta feels deep frustration as, once again, Goku put himself in pole position and was leaving him behind. Goku was exploring unknown territories and overcoming limitations causing an inferiority complex in the Prince of the Saiyans, while the latter was having clearly difficulties with the candidate to God for the Destruction of”11° the Universe, Too.

This triggers in Vegeta, a strong anger that breaks out in a great scream and a change of the gold that lets us imagine a new power to Vegeta. Once exploded in anger, Too is literally thrown out of the ring, but manages to escape between the rubble flying. Beerus, the God of Destruction of the 7th Universe, note that the aura of Vegeta is totally changed, in fact the design seems to be different, although always related to the Super Saiyan Blue.

Although people do not speak openly, in the manga, an increase of power, for a moment the reference could be linked to the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. The evolution of the Super Saiyan Blue is a power-up acquired by Vegeta in the course of the animated version of the Tournament of the Power thanks to which it managed to keep in head Too that Jiren. The reference in the manga could be, remember, related to this evolution.

Going back to the manga, Vegeta puts his attention on Jiren and managed to win the attacks that go to sign. Jiren is aware of the change of the force and asks him if he's trying to reach the Ultra Instinct com and Goku, but Vegeta, strong and proud, says that in that mode it is not interested in because it is the fruit of teachings by other masters, but he does not remember of ever having had a teacher, so he's going to improve, always with his style and in solitude, even if this means not being able to reach the stage of the divine.

Also Whis you realize that the Ultra Instinct is not an appropriate mode for Vegeta, then his reasoning is not wrong.

You return to the fight and Jiren recognizes the value of Vegeta because, although Goku was evolving, he countered better than anyone else.

We repeat that in the manga, there was a clear reference to the evolution of Vegeta. It is quoted several times in an increase of power and gold, but there is official that in the manga Toriyama and Toyotaro decide to reinforce the body of the Saiyan Prince.

From what I can tell, this is a new aura with the tone that hasn't been used for SSGSS in the manga before. Might be Toyotaro's version of SSGSSEvolution... :Y

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The manga version of Dragon Ball Super is written by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Toyotaro. In Italy it is published by Star Comics, 4 volumes, available for purchase.

On 14 December 2018, will debut in Japan on the 20° full-length film of the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super Broly. Akira Toriyama created the story and the character design.

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