Dragon Ball FighterZ: the video game reveals the origins of the Android 16

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ, the new video game, which brings us to follow the dynamics of the fights Goku and his companions, is one of the most highly rated games of the moment, thanks to the attention to detail with which Arc Systems Works has made this new fighting game inspired by the famous manga created by Akira Toriyama.

One of the strong points of Dragon Ball FighterZ it is the presence of a new character, Android the 21, created specially for the occasion from the same first movie. As if that wasn't enough his entry scene in the role of fighter, the new character brings with it a revelation that will delight the fans of the world of Dragon Ball.

The introduction of Android 21 on the roster in Dragon Ball FighterZ answer to a precise question: who is the mother of Android 16, and wife of Dr. Gero? According to what was said in the video game, the answer to the two questions is only one: the Android 21!

The trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ for the story mode they mention the central role of Android 16, and this is because the Android 21 created a new Android 16, in which he poured the memories of the previous that had been destroyed during the Cell saga.

The android decides to help 21 despite the initial impression is certainly not in favour of the other characters, because he wants to help her repress her instincts and wicked. But why 21 has re-created 16 instead of a new model?

This aspect of Dragon Ball FighterZ was unveiled during an event Soul Link (that connects the players with the same characters) with Android 21, when it was discovered that in his human life 21 had a son who later became the model on which it was made 16. Because of this memory, 21 feels a strong bond with 16 and for this he is one of the few who can reach his heart.

And saw that dr. Gero modeled 16 and son 21, we can say that Android 21 is the mother of Android 16. A confirmation of this, note how in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Android 21, wears a wedding ring, that is the confirmation that 21 is based on the wife of Gero and mother of 16.

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