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Published on Feb 04, 2019


Exactly a year after the international publication on the console home of the latest generation of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the video game fighting-game 2,5 D-inspired franchise created by Akira Toriyama – DRAGON BALL, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works is back with a new and long-awaited Season Pass that little by little, in the future, will introduce 6 new playable characters in the roster.

The second Season Pass, in other words an add-in package obtainable through payments extra through platforms store the console's dedicated, was launched on January 31, 2019, and has introduced, at the time, Jiren and Videl as new playable characters. Both characters are also available for sale individually.

To start the launch of new content, therefore, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works expected to return full of energy from the warriors of justice.

Jiren is the most powerful warrior in the 11th Universe and appeared for the first time in the narrative arc of the Tournament of Power (Universal Survival) in the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super.

The warrior gray from the power that overcomes the God of Destruction is the starter for definition for those who are not expert in the field of fighting games by Arc System Works. The imposing and powerful character of Pride Troopers is a warrior with an arsenal that allows attacks from long-medium range, and offers shares of pure violent attack. The speed of the punches combined with attacks generated by waves of energy filled with the color red increases the violence and the enjoyment typical of the fighting game in question.

The status of the character is excellent, and never goes below the letter A, which also makes it a warrior that is consistent with the same feature proposal directly from the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, which is an entity that has spurred Goku to awaken to the Ultra Instinct. The movements offered are perfectly inspired by both the manga and the anime.

Jiren has three techniques, including special and supreme. Among the special techniques, there are the “Slash Colossal” and the “Upright Colossal”. The first generates a giant ball of energy at long range, and the second, however, preclude Jiren to be close to the opponent, in order to ensure that the beam attack is active and scaraventi the opponent away with a real upright from the box.

The technique is supreme, “the Magnetron Burning”, can be defined as an extension destructive of the “Upright Colossal”. In fact, once close to the opponent, Jiren will be to the mast, and then trigger a burst in which the grey will strike with a fist full of fire, of justice and of energy which will also involve the surrounding environment.

By switching to Videl, now, the daughter of Mr. Satan is the warrior, devoid of talent, it shows the best of itself thanks to the strength of will to be invincible.

The warrior of earth justice, unlike Jiren, is not suitable for those who do not have a bit of experience on the field of combat. The character requires patience and a lot of practical training before getting a victory against the host of warriors, talented and monstrous in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In spite of this, Videl is a warrior with attacks at short range, and her determination is palpable, the warrior has the will to win. His attacks are prone to the martial arts, as it does not possess enough Ki to summon waves of energy. The basic techniques will be full of combinations of kicks and punches... but her heart giustiziera will be constantly supported by Gohan, who, in the robes by Great Saiyaman, emerges and offers his contribution in the help of his future wife.

The status of Videl is certainly not first class, but excels in particular in the speed and thanks to the movements nimble we will be able, in cases of extreme necessity, to be able to escape easily from the clutches of the enemy.

The warrior has a good arsenal of special techniques, such as “Storm the Rainbow” and “the Defender of Love and Justice, the Great Saiyaman!” and will be supported not only by Gohan, but from the impetus, energy-rich of love and justice with kicks well settled that, will make them the masters.

The technique supreme of Videl, however, is not so much to Videl, but politely by Gohan. In fact, all assumed that the young warrior both to the ground without strength, and that occasion will be officiated by the gallant son Goku with a download of the Kamehameha he his anger against the man who tried to touch the daughter of Mr. Satan.

Both characters are first and foremost fun to interpret and consistent with their force levels, if compared with the original series, as well as their movements, styles, techniques, and phrases features dedicated.

Exactly one year after the publication of the title, therefore, Arc System Works returns with arrogance at full power and, above all, confirming the marriage of style that has made Dragon Ball FighterZ the fighting game better, 2018.

Sin, only for the cutscene movie where the characters are, unfortunately, lacking.

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