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Published on Sep 30, 2018


Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Arc System Works conclude the first season of the four, exclusive content for a fee, spreading the last (of the eight) playable characters that the publisher had promised at the launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ. We refer to Goku and Vegeta in base form, Android N° 17, and a Cooler. The four warriors are available for purchase individually on the stores affiliated to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at the price of € 4,99 and are clearly free of charge for all those who have purchased the Season Pass (FighterZ Pass).

With the addition of four characters from the roster reaches a total of 32 warriors that make the experience of the game, including arcade, training, tournaments, and free fights, much more fun and variable, also thanks to the enormous graphics quality and technique, as well as faithful to the manga, infused in the creation of new characters.

In order, let's start by Goku and Vegeta in base form.

Dragon Ball FighterZ it is the only video game inspired by the manga Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama that, at launch, does not have the versions of Goku and Vegeta (Saiyan Saga) in base form. Arc System Works has decided to produce the first Super Saiyan of the two warriors, and only subsequently resort to the shelters, especially because the fans japanese have more love for the black hair of the two rivals.

Once you have downloaded the two characters are usable anywhere.

Since Goku and Vegeta are inspired by the Saiyan saga, if we select the rock arena, we will be able to emulate in any situation in their epic battle that Akira Toriyama has written and designed in the second part of his famous manga.

Goku is a character that has a supersonic speed that is supported by attacks at long range, such as the famous Kamehameha. Also has a lot of energy and power at the expense, however, of the force that tends to suffer strokes when compared to a character from the roster much stronger than him. The ease of use of Goku is also suitable for novice players, but we recommend a training budget if you want to challenge even just Freezer, for example.

Goku has a huge range of special techniques, martial arts, and Kamehama, going for the Kaioken up to the Genkidama. The Bills, however, and should be supported by a series of physical techniques, otherwise the effect will fade away in a series of a few seconds. Genkidama (executable in air) is the technique that ultimately generates a large sphere that occupies most of the screen and if it hits is the end for the opponent.

The Saiyans are dedicated three Dramatic Finish, very epic and inspired clearly in the manga. In the first, winning a duel against Vegeta base, will trigger the time in which Goku, evoking the Kaioken, he wins the duel with his Kamehameha against the Cannon Gallick Vegeta at maximum anger.

The second, winning a duel against Freezer, Goku will launch the spirit Bomb, and reproducing the same time that Akira Toriyama had written in the manga (epic moment before the transformation of Goku into a Super Saiyan).

The third and last, instead, it triggers when Goku defeats Kid Buu. Goku will launch the epic Energy Spherical strong with the strength of all the universes and then turn Super Saiyan and kill his opponent. This is a scene that is iconic to the manga, which marks the end of the Majin Buu saga.

Vegeta is a character in base bad and unlike Goku shows up with an attack force is slightly more elevated (for the first time). It's fast between the actions of the game, very frantic, athletic, cunning. Typical of the Prince of all Saiyans. It also has a very high technical and if we are reactive we will be able to fight very well without suffering too much damage from the opponent. Surely that warrior to choose whether or not we too experienced the ease of use is exponential. However, Vegeta comes to terms with a level of energy to be mediocre as compared to the norm and we'll have to take frequently a look at the bar of the aura if we want to preserve our arsenal of techniques.

The Prince can use special attacks inspired faithfully to the Saiyan saga. In particular, in addition to physical techniques, Vegeta can throw the typical Cannon Galick (the executable also in the flight), and, as the definitive technical, the Destroyer of the Galaxy (a move with which he defeated Nappa), which generates a wave of energy and explosive, very light, and lethal.

Both Goku, Vegeta cannot turn into a Super Saiyan.

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