Dragon Ball: Converse launches a clothing line


Published on Aug 22, 2019


The first Dragon Ball series was essentially crushed under his own success, as it surpassed soon by the sequel to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super; the original story of Goku a child who tries to help Bulma to find the seven Balls scattered around the world now does not peep even on TV. The Converse, however, want to revisit the first adventures of Goku through a new clothing line is now destined to Japan:

NEWS: Dragon Ball Goes Back in Time with Converse Stars Japan Collaboration

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— Crunchyroll 🔜 Crunchyroll Expo! (@Crunchyroll) August 16, 2019

Crunchyroll has posted the news on his official Twitter account, describing in detail the various garments that Converse will launch, including hoodies, t-shirt, socks and shoes that bring the fans to a time when we didn't know what she wanted to say, Saiyan.

Dragon Ball was presented for the first time in 1984, but by the time it is concentrated more and more on combat rather than on the adventures around a bizarre world like the one invented by Toriyama, with the tournaments becoming more and more important in the plot.

Dragon Ball: Converse launches a line of clothing is




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