Dr. Stone: new key visual and staff of the anime


Published on Mar 14, 2019


Through the first information appeared online about the issue 16 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which is available in Japan from Monday 18 march 2019, Shueisha will announce the new promotional image and staff principal of the first season of the animated Dr. Stone.

The anime series is inspired by the manga of the same fantasy written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi.

As emerged online, here is the excerpt of the magazine relative to the promotional image:

“Dr. STONE” TV anime staff and new visual preview. Series premiere July 2019
Director: Shinya Iino
Series Composition: Later Succeeds In Skiing Kido
Character Design: Yuuko Iwasa
Music: Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yukihiro Kanesaka
Studio: TMS Entertainment

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The anime series will debut on the networks in japan in July 2019 and will be produced by TMS Entertainment. As anticipated Shueisha will announce part of the staff, so here's to you who will deal with the pivotal roles:

Following are the first teaser of the anime:

In Japan, Dr. Stone is published by Shueisha in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from march of 2017, and currently has 9 volumes; in Italy is in progress for Edizioni Star Comics (3 volumes so far). The first light novel, inspired by the manga and written by Ichio Morimoto, has been released on the japanese market from February 4, 2019 and will be called Dr. Stone: Hoshi no Yume, Who no Uta (Dr. Stone: The Dream of the Star, The Song of the Earth).

In a moment all the humans are turned to stone, and also the student of high school, Taiju was a victim of this mysterious phenomenon. However, many thousands of years after... Taiju and his friend Senku wake up and decide to rebuild civilization from scratch! It opens the curtain on a sensational tale of adventure, survival, science fiction!

Dr. Stone: new key visual and staff of the anime is




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