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Published on Oct 24, 2019


There was great anticipation for the film adaptation of the sequel to the English tv series the most successful of recent years, Downton Abbey. And while abroad, the film is surprisingly rewarded at the Box Office – surprisingly because it does not happen almost never with a film adapted from a tv series, – in Italy we are going to see him in the hall after the premiere at the Rome Film Festival.

The film is practically a super Christmas special like the ones that closed each season of the tv series, two hours of screenplay is excellent, which is what held the serial thanks to creator Julian Fellowes, and that equally is on the big screen. Given that there are quirks in terms of direction, photography and other aspects of the technical sector Fellowes has rightly thought of going all in on the story and on the script, peppering the film of great twists and steps forward for all actors. What is the directed to follow the cars and trains run along the path that leads to the estate or to the country at the center of the story (almost like the Orient Express); or again, the great views of Downtown from the top with the camera that goes ravvicinandosi, with the theme of the series to do by the counterparty is the sound in the background to emphasize the entry in the unmistakable atmosphere that so much was missed by the audience.

Here's the about biggest of Downton Abbey – The Movie. Not having done a film for the pure pleasure of the fans who does not bring anything to the story. History with a capital h is entwined in the fictional of the Crawley's and their household just as in the serial of ITV and it is equally prevailing in this feature-length film, with a visit by none other than the King and Queen of England (with a wink to The Crown in this case), with all the chaos, the preparations and the anxiety that this causes, both among the nobles as among the servants. The top floors will have various family issues to settle, while the “lower floors” a small rivoluzone in the act.

In this film, all members of the family have a sort of “second final” after the Christmas special four years ago, thanks to the pen of Fellowes as a weapon likes to defuse the balance that you were created for then come back in a new guise. So much so that it gives a nod to a possible sequel, as already the whole cast and the producers have said.

The vision remains, however, a pleasure for the eyes and the ears of the fans. Let's say the ears because the script of the first order which we had been accustomed from Fellowes does not deny he shot, with characters and sequences that will delight, applause, and yes, even the tears of the fans. Those who would rather stay a little astonished, it is the viewer who has never seen the tv series and knows nothing of the characters, even if there is not to say that some “spiegone” is masked in some dialogue between the characters. But probably this movie is not made for the public, “the virgin mary” of Downton Abbey.

The perfect aplomb the british, the composure, even in the subversion to which we have become accustomed to the Crawley and that he did fall in love with, especially the americans – candidandola and making them win a lot of awards overseas – find themselves all in the atmosphere gentle of this film, as a good, indeed an excellent cup of tea.

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