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Published on Jul 09, 2018

To be able to download files from the Internet quickly, as well as have a good torrent client (like BitTorrent or qBittorrent) it is necessary to take into account two factors: the high number of sharing (peer), and sources complete fully active (seed). These two things, then, must be accompanied by configurations aimed at the optimization of the software that you have decided to use.

What are the best sites to download torrent? We decided to create this article to show you what are in our opinion the best torrent sites for free downloads, currently available where to find files of this kind. Thanks to these you will have the ability to quickly download all the content you want. Don't waste time and see just what they are!

Before you begin we wanted to point out that this article has no purpose to promote the Internet downloads of content protected by copyright unauthorised. The guide was written for pure information, then both I and the entire staff of ChimeraRevo, we do not assume any responsibility for the use that will be made.

Let's start with this article about the best torrent sites with a very interesting service called Torrent Project. We speak of a powerful search engine that lets you find files of any website by leveraging the database of the main sites dedicated to peer-to-peer (P2P). Even if the operation is really very simple, we have decided to propose you, however, below the steps to use it without problems:

If you want to view the file of Torrent Project according to their category, pressed on Browse, found below, and choose one of the categories and/or subcategories (Audio, Video etc) available on the page you just opened.

We continue by offering another service that can be safely placed among the best sites to download torrent: his name is It is a lead that has a very simple graphic which makes its use extremely easy.

Just like the website seen above, also is among the torrent search engines free best because you can find the file this kind of favorite among the many available services on the network. Its most interesting feature is that it does not include all the results in one page but allows you to browse through a bar area.

Here's how to use it:

If the web sites are viewed a little is not satisfied, we have another solution for you: BitSnoop. The portal relies on the databases of hundreds of different sites to allow the user to find the preferred file.

Let's see how to use it:

BitSnoop also allows you to see the indexed content from it depending on the type of membership by clicking on one of the available categories below the search bar (video, audio, software, and so on) and then clicking on Search.

Among the best web sites to download torrent we have decided to also enter 1337X. Compared to the solutions that have been previously seen, this relies on their own database. Its developers have stated that the portal presents content with an average quality that is very high and also the navigation is extremely intuitive.

Let's see how to exploit it:

In addition to the field of research, 1337X comprises a bottom menu contains the various categories to quickly browse through movies, music, applications, TV series, and so on.

Another website is very efficient for download of the torrent takes the name of Extra Torrent. Just like 1337X, this also has a database of his own where you have the opportunity to truly find a world of content like movies, music, software and games.

Let's see how to use it:

Extra Torrent also allows you to browse the content on your web site using the various categories available, accessible through a click on Browse Torrents, and then pressing on movies, music, games, books, and so on.

Among the best sites to download torrent we want to suggest to you also Legit Torrents. This is a portal that allows you to download books, music and videos completely legal (as its name suggests). In particular, on this web site you can find only files whose authors have expressly authorized the dissemination online without any cost.

Of course, Legit Torrents does not offer the same amount of material on the services mentioned above, but you can make sure that you deal with files that are entirely legal.

Here's how to use it:

If the portals listed above have not satisfied, we suggest other solutions which are very satisfying:

In case you are unable to access one of the portals that we have reported in this guide, don't panic. To resolve the problem, try changing the DNS used by the connection setting of the international instead of the default ones set by your Internet provider. In this way, you'll be able to bypass the restrictions sometimes do not allow you to access torrent sites from the uk.

Torrent is definitely an unknown word here on ChimeraRevo. In fact, in addition to guiding, just the sight regarding the best sites to download torrent, in the past we have published other interesting articles that we propose below in the hope that they will like:


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