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Published on Sep 18, 2017


Aptoide is today the store of Android applications in alternative to the Play Store and more popular to Android. Offers thousands of apps in the constantly growing and it is a beautiful reality in continuous expansion. For many it is the first choice as well as first viable alternative to the Play Store, but not everyone knows how to download Aptoide on Android.

It is a store alternative that collects the app available for the Android and allows you download it and install it; the Play Store is the app store the official reference of Android. The store works in a very different way than the Play Store and the Amazon App Shop, centralized services with your own server and only distributor of content (Google in the first case, Amazon in the second).

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Aptoide instead is a distributed service, in which anyone can become a distributor of the content: this is possible thanks to its structure based on the repository, typical of the package manager of Linux. Also the name underlines its nature and difference, as it is composed of APT that wants to remember the package manager the default of Debian-based distributions, and OIDE is the final Android.

The client and the server Aptoide communicate through an open protocol based on xml.

This store is very interesting because it has become the home of lots of apps rejected by the Google store and Amazon, in addition, there are many apps changed (no ads or in app purchases unlocked).

Aptoide offers three different versions, each designed to better meet a portion of their audience.

Is this the canonical version of the standard, complete and effective. A lite version lighter for older devices, and able to take up a lot less memory. A version for the Android TV and tvbox, suitable for the use with the remote control.

The three clients are completely in Italian, which is not bad at all.

Aptoide as you may have guessed is an Android application that deserves to stay on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is simple to install. Download the apk up to date by following lite link:

Then you can install it following our quick guide to install the apk file.

To take maximum advantage of Aptoide you need to install the new repository. Immediately after the installation, you'll be configured and enabled only the repo apps, it is very populated but let's see how to add others.

Add repositories to Aptoide is a task far from complicated. Just go to the store tab and then tap on the entry in the Add more store.

In the window that opens you can proceed in two ways: by directly entering the address of the store (below is the list of store recommended), or by a tap on the item Looks at the store best. If you choose this option, you will be taken in the Top section repos (best store) to the site where you can easily select the ones which are right for you.

Another simple way consists in swiping the HOME screen until you reach the Top Stores, then just a tap on MORE to be able to choose and enable easy access to all major repositories.

In the repository there are a lot of apps, to always have the best on your device, you can check out our selection of tips.

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The best Android app (and Widget) from installareLa collection of the best Android app to make the most of your smartphone or tablet. For a device that is more personalized and productive!Androidapp android

And you, what do you think about Aptoide? You this Android application? If you have the repository to recommend, leave a comment!

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