Download and install Kodi on Xbox One

Published on Jan 16, 2018

The famous media center Kodi is now available for Xbox One.


Thanks to this application you can transform your console into a true media center, and enjoy any thing in streaming.

Also the add-on should work properly, thus helping to make the best of Kodi on Xbox One.

For those not familiar, remember that Kodi is one of the best programs for media center is currently available and is particularly famous for his “look illegal”: you can just download the plug-in and add-on third-party to watch the movie and pay channels for free but illegal.

Kodi plays all your media files directly from the CD/DVD inserted in the DVD player included, from the Hard-Disk, or through the reading of a folder or a partition of the shared Windows system through Samba (SMB), or via iTunes through the transmission protocol DAAP.

Kodi uses the ethernet port and any access to the Internet; if Kodi detects the connection to the Internet, it becomes possible to request the database IMDB covers and movie reviews, to the database, CDDB the track titles of audio CDS, the playback of streaming video and listening to any online radio.

Kodi can manage lists of tracks, it has functions of picture gallery, weather forecast, and features many graphical effects, coordinated with audio files.

If you want to discuss the features of this media center does not lose any more time and go and read our article.

The steps needed to download and install Kodi on Xbox One are very simple and few:

Have fun discovering the potential of the popular media center.

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