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Published on Feb 23, 2020


With the third volume – our review HERE – we had left Dosei Mansion and the sensei Hisae Iwaoka bring to the attention of the reader on the mystery of the incident to the father of Mitsu and the real situation of the planet Earth became as we know, a natural oasis impenetrable.

With volumes 4 and 5, which represent in fact the turning point of the series is composed in total by seven volumes, the sensei brings all the attention on the protagonist, Mitsu, which becomes the flywheel that gives the rhythm to the concatenation of a series of events.

Volume 4 opens with Mitsu who is preparing the exam to obtain the License of the First Level of this, however, does not avoid that one of his colleagues and friends, the energetic kageyama is a, is the victim of an accident that force you to take an important decision on his future.

With experience, however, also grows responsibility and not all colleagues Mitsu seriously, given also the young age that leads to a series of frictions between him and the veterans first, and some distraction of too much for the young recruits then.

Souta, meanwhile, continues to be on his secret project: to build a vehicle that can descend to the Earth.

In Volume 5 Souta involves Mitsu, in his project at first, indirectly and then directly. Indirectly because, almost by chance all the customers that Mitsu has helped me in the past few volumes seem to be able to provide a contribution to the construction of the vehicle directly because Souta asks Mitsu to become the driver of the vehicle.

The enthusiasm of Souta, however, seems dampened by his partner Nishimaru whose plans seem anything but clear and committed to the simple exploration of the mother planet.

Your Mitsu is instead the victim of an accident that will change the perspective of two of his more grumpy detractors, or the ex-colleague Tamachi and current colleague Makoto.

Moving definitely toward the conclusion, sensei Hisae Iwaoka gives an important turn to the events of Mitsu bringing Dosei Mansion to what it is, from the point of view of the plot, its point of departure, and pin: the Earth as an oasis and place unreachable.

From the point of view of thematic, however, it is worth pointing out a similarly opposing trend. If, in fact, in Volume 3 the sensei had remarked on the loneliness as a predominant element of the company's futuristic of his works, with Volumes 4 and 5, however, there is a joyful rediscovery of the sense of community in the centre of which is, of course, Mitsu with his colleagues and with his clients.

On this aspect the author shows that it was close to a climax starting to reintroduce it, making it organic to the plot horizontal, a series of characters that were always made with the interest in the plot the vertical of the previous volumes.

A task not easy to show that any step is slightly more hasty for the style calm, the mangaka, but is necessary in view of the conclusion of the series.

Also stretch the wetsuit slightly, in this sense, not so much in the characteristics anatomies that wink at the "kawaii" as in the expressiveness and in the cinesica, always a strong point of the author, who often became more stylised while retaining the attention to detail and for the shots that it is essential to amplify the sense of alien-ness of a society that lives, and was divided, in a station orbiting artificial.

Continue to confirm the excellent editions BAO Publishing for its line Aiken between a particular attention from the point of view of carto-technical, not only in terms of printing but also of the pack – that of the translation and the adaptation, as always, accompanied by explanatory notes and precise references.

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