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Published on Sep 12, 2019


The second volume of the Dosei Mansion – our review HERE – was served to the sensei Hisae Iwaoka to achieve what is the background of the events and, in particular, had concentrated on the characters “side” by putting the protagonist, Mitsu, and the accident to his father at the center, a dense network of dynamics that were described in a series of interpersonal relationships is complex and absolutely not discounted.

The third volume brings the center of attention of the reader to own the incident to the father of Mitsu and the nature of the colony in orbit around the Earth, now inhospitable and on which she is sent a mysterious shipment that did not return.

The first part of the volume focuses on Souta and his wife Kayo – newlyweds that Mitsu had cleaned the windows in the first volume, and our review HERE.

Souta, in fact is a work under qualified but this counts for little, the happiness in his and his wife resides in small things and in being together. When, however, Souta is approached by an old colleague with the opportunity to work on a module for the descent to the Earth, Kayo is happy, but at the same time a bit worried. However, this research is at the basis of his doubt that the famous expedition is dispersed on Earth in reality will never match.

Mitsu meanwhile, must manage its customers. First a young woman who sadly thinks he's been abandoned by her husband, some rich guy who tries to offer him other work not entirely ethically correct.

Meanwhile, someone is cleaning some of the windows “contraband” attracting the attention of the association. Mitsu makes the couple some more time with the silence, Makoto, while we begin to understand that Tamachi has left the job of window cleaner after the accident at the father of Mitsu and someone he considers responsible.

After a second volume, almost in passing, Hisae Iwaoka returns, straight to the point and weaving in this third volume of the mystery of the accident of the father of Mitsu that of the real situation of the planet Earth.

To do so, the sensei realized the ones that are probably the chapters the best so far of the Dosei Mansion or those with protagonists Souta and his wife. Not only because it is extremely sweet and delicate in depicting the relationship between the two, but especially because they fuel the two mysteries in a clever way and without discovering too many of its cards, of course.

Very melancholic, they are also the customers that Mitsu meets, and manages this volume, and once again is in the first few chapters that we find “the case” the best that rivals that of the baby solitary at exactly half volume.

The Iwaoka never as in this volume also emphasizes the loneliness as a predominant element of this society, whose members find comfort in one another but some will inevitably remain behind.

Always in the first chapters the stretch of the sensei returns to the unusual expression that mixes kawaii with the anatomie melliflue and curves of the first volume, giving a sense of alienating familiarity to the places and the interactions between the characters.

Dosei Mansion 3 is advance the main plots of the story drafted so far in the way of really knowing, but always with extreme sensitivity, from sensei Iwaoka.

The edizione BAO Publishing is now a certainty, both from the point of view carto-technical and the translation and adaptation, as always, impeccable.

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