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Published on Sep 08, 2019


In the first volume of the Dosei Mansion – our review HERE – we were catapulted into an unknown future where the human race has had to abandon the Land become a protected nature reserve. All human beings live in a structure orbiting in the shape of a ring in which society is stratified into classes very rigid dictated by the levels in which they live.

We then met our protagonist, Mitsu just graduated to the medium and decided to undertake the same work as his father: the windshield washer. The trade is risky because you need to access the structure orbiting outside in tough conditions, but whose services, for this reason, they are required especially by the inhabitants of the higher levels because the more rich.

But Mitsu has decided to take up the same profession of the father also to inquire about his alleged death or disappearance occurred just as he was outside.

In this second volume, Mitsu, as always it does involve too much from its customers and promises to a girl to keep an eye on his ailing mother. When the lady has an illness, the guy fionderà in his apartment without thinking of the consequences: the sudden pressure put him to the mat.

Fortunately there are serious consequences, but Mitsu is forced to a few days of rest that allow it to attend the colleagues and their families outside work hours. Mitsu is almost embarrassed by the warmth and friendship of these “strangers” that you are worried about him, and while his gruff mentor Jin begins to recognize some improvement, the guy understands who all, and not only he feels alone in this strange world.

So starting to look at colleagues and their dynamics in a different way, Mitsu will have a new and new perspective on the father, while the spectrum of the incident lingers not only on him.

After presenting the setting and the protagonist, Hisae Iwaoka in this, the second volume focuses in on realize what is the background of the events and, specifically, the characters “sub”.

However, the sensei manages to make everything very organic, putting the Mitsu and the incident to his father, to the centre of a dense network dynamics consisting of a series of interpersonal relationships is complex and absolutely not discounted.

There is no shortage of customers for Mitsu and their cases are real excuses to build events never dull and in the centre, always a humanity that is very delicate.

From the graphic point of view, the author of the dirty and slightly stretch his kawaii for a large part of the volume had to focus a lot on the proxemics and on the interactions of the characters, which as we said are the focus of this second volume. The style returns close to that of the first volume with the last three chapters, which constitute a self-contained story in which the protagonists are only Mitsu and an unusual “client”.

Dosei Mansion 2 might be defined as a second volume, of passage, but which in reality serves to add to the story in view of future developments.

Free the edition BAO Publishing with the translation and adaptation impeccable and the column with a jacket in which it is appreciable the choice of graphics that is similar to that of the volume was the original. This volume has brought to my attention is the binding that allows you read without having to “chase” cartoons, near the center of the volume.

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