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Published on May 09, 2019


After the inauguration of Aiken, the new series dedicated to the manga, with an author already present in his catalog – Ken Niimura already a co-creator of the graphic novel I Kill Giants, by proposing its fun anthology Henshin – our review HERE – BAO Publishing welcomes as first author in its stable Hisae Iwaoka, mangaka whose works were still woefully unpublished in Italy.

Of Iwaoka, BAO decides to publish his work more long – 7 volumes in all, which will be offered bi-monthly – that is, Dosei Mansion.

In an unspecified future, the human race has had to abandon Land that has become a protected nature reserve. All human beings live in a structure orbiting in the shape of a ring in which society is stratified into classes very rigid dictated by the levels in which they live.

Mitsu has just graduated to the medium and decided to take the same job as his father, the window cleaner, risky job because you have to access the structure of the orbiting externally in harsh conditions in which the services, for this reason, they are required especially by the inhabitants of the higher levels because the more rich.

But Mitsu has decided to take up the same profession of the father also to inquire about his alleged death or disappearance occurred just as he was outside. The boy began his training joined by the edge, Jin and starting to put together his father's life from the point of view of colleagues and friends.

However it will not be all so simple: the work is hard and really risky, Mitsu soon runs the risk of falling by remaining mesmerized by the view of the Earth, and not all colleagues see of good eye the more there is to manage his life alone.

In all this, Mitsu will begin to experience the wonderful human that populates mainly the top floors and the other workers involved in the maintenance of the structure.

With Dosei Mansion, BAO chooses definitely a mature story and introspective, which “disguises” very well, the traits typical of a seinen in a story from the background of science fiction, and from the drawings kawaii.

Although the premises are not original, and that is rooted in a canon of science fiction dystopian-eco-friendly well-defined re-elaborated in a manner effective both to the east and to the west, Hisae Iwaoka manages to strike a fascinating history and managed to balance effectively the most “investigative” with the most “intimate” setting at the center, both the protagonist Mitsu that the characters “child” that accompany it.

The Iwaoka then plays very well with the attention of the reader, which first of all is concentrated in the discover the fate of the father of the protagonist, only to then be involved in a more decided manner from the inner journey that has the same Mitsu begins accompanied by the various meetings between our customers – the expert of safeguarding the marine eco of those themes-the ecology of above – and other workers – the bizarre Sachi.

It's a journey very delicate in the hopes, fears and dreams of a boy who is discovering the world, or a world, the one sketched by the author in the realism of the feelings it “clashes” with that of the science fiction setting and in the research of the death of the father.

From the graphic point of view, the author uses a stretch round and kawaii the figures of which, however, have these anatomies “disproportionate” – larger heads and arms thinner – that no matter how bizarre it fit very well to the use of caricatured facial expressions. The Iwaoka, however, is also a designer who is attentive, as demonstrated by the sequences outside of the structure, while the setting of the table prefers many panes vertical from the irregular dimensions that populate the page, opening up often in panes larger, always horizontal, to emphasize particular moments of pathos.

The well-kept edition BAO Publishing with the translation and adaptation impeccable and the column with a jacket in which it is appreciable the choice of graphics that is similar to that of the volume was the original. Also noteworthy is the lettering really detailed and particularly “intelligent”, which makes the reading very smooth.

Dosei Mansion 1 of Hisae Iwaoka | Review of




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