Dororo, announced the anime remake — here's the teaser video


Published on Mar 19, 2018


After the animated series of the 60's (view on VVVVID) and the live action film of 2007, the classic for boys Dororo of the god of manga Osamu Tezuka will have a new animated series for tv, produced by the study Map (Ushio & Tora, Yuri!!! on Ice) and Tezuka Productions, airs exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

制作:MAP/手塚プロダクション #どろろ

— TVアニメ"どろろ"公式 (@dororo_anime) March 19, 2018

Below is the promotional video:

In Italy, the original manga was published by Goen:

“Written in the late 60's, this manga tells the adventures of Hyakkimaru, a young samurai who fights demons. Hyakkimaru is an orphan: his parents abandoned him when they noticed his deformity. A surgeon, adopted him, giving him a body that can allow him to fight the demons that had stolen the arms, legs, senses, etc. Every time a demon is defeated, the guy regains one of the limbs or of the senses that he had lost. “

Dororo, announced the anime remake — here is the teaser video is




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