Dororo 2019: new picture, trailer and the date of the beginning of the animated series


Published on Dec 06, 2018


The official YouTube channel of the production Twin Engine has released the second promotional video of the animated series remake of Dororo, from the original manga master Osamu Tezuka.

The same channel announces that the anime will debut on network television in japan Tokyo MX on January 7, 2019:

Has been widespread, in addition, a new key visual:

New “Dororo” anime key visual. Series begins January 2019 (the MAP, Tezuka Productions)

— moetron | pKjd (@pkjd818) December 6, 2018

The new animated series of Dororo is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn) on screenplays coordinated by Yasuko Kobayashi (Attack of The Giants); Hiroyuki Asada (Tegami Bachi – Letter Bee) care for the character design of the original, adapted for animation by Satoshi Iwataki (Berserk); the music is composed by Yoshihiro Ike (Blood: the last vampire).

Map (Ushio and Tora) and Tezuka Production, produce the animations.

A remake by Satoshi Shiki (Attack of The Giant – Before the Fall) is in the process of serialization in the magazine Champion RED Akita Shoten since last October.

In Italy RW Goen has published the original manga; VVVVID has released the animated series in the 60's.

Hyakkimaru is an orphan: his parents abandoned him when they noticed his deformity.
A surgeon, adopted him, giving him a body that can allow him to fight the demons that had stolen the arms, legs, senses, etc. Every time a demon is defeated, the guy regains one of the limbs or of the senses that he had lost.

Dororo 2019: new picture, trailer and the date of the beginning of the animated series is




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