Doraemon: the animated series turns 40 years, comes the remake of the 1st episode


Published on Mar 14, 2019


On April 2, 1979 TV Asashi transmitted the first episode of the wildly popular the second animated series comes from the manga Doraemon of Fujiko F. Fujio.

On April 5, 2019, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of broadcasting, TV Asahi will broadcast the remake of the first episode, titled “Yume no Machi Nobita Land” (“The city of dreams, Nobita Land”, “City of Dreams” in the Italian edition).

The episode revolves around one of the gadgets of Doraemon, an instant camera that can re-create the thumbnails of the objects that photographer, and takes it away when Nobita and Doraemon are reprimanded by her mother, to Nobita because they play with the roller skates inside the house.

Then decided to go play ball poisoned with Shizuka and Suneo in a deserted land, but they discover that the area has become inaccessible.

Back home, Nobita says that he wants a town all its own where it can do what it wants, when it wants to and no one can tell him anything; at that point, Doraemon pulls out the camera and Nobita begins to take all sorts of photos to build his “Nobita Land”.

In Japan, the original manga was published from 1969 to 1996; the first animated series was broadcast in 1973 by Nippon Television for 52 episodes.

A second series, carried out by one staff and from a different production from the previous one, started in 1979 and ended in March 2005, followed, a month later, a third still aired on TV Asashi.

Since 1980, every year there is realized an animated film for the cinema.

Source: ANN

Doraemon: the animated series turns 40 years, comes the remake of the 1st episode is




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