Doping: “Schwarzer positive”, again. Testosterone 11 times above the norm

Published on Jun 22, 2016

Is the news of the day: “Schwazer here we go again” is the title of the top of the Gazzetta dello Sport reveals today the walker from bolzano, was found positive to the anabolic in a test, the Iaaf in January. A real “shock”. The olympian was in fact back to the races on 8th may, after the disqualification that had been imposed for positivity of the Epo found in a control preolimpico of July 30, 2012 close of the London Games. The world of sport and the public were divided for the return of Alex Schwazer was placed under the care of Sandro Donati from last April to the certification of the good will return to march on the straight path. Many of the national ... for its readmission, on all the altista Gianmarco Tamberi. For Schwazer spoke about the results more than comfortable: she seemed to have resumed a pace competitive that looked very promising for the Rio Olympics in August.

All of the samples that we have disappointed with the doping.

There was a genuine bolt from the blue. “These are false accusations and monstrous”: it is the comment of the lawyer Gerhard Brandstaetter, law of walker Alex Schwazer. “Now it happened what Alex has always feared, but we will defend and we will cause. This whole affair seems to us illogical – concludes the lawyer of the walker according to the online edition of Gazzetta dello Sport – we need to understand what happened, I don't understand why the test is performed on the first of January has given a negative result, and the same tube ritestata on 12 may, has had a positive outcome. Before providing additional aspects we need to first talk among ourselves and understand what happened.”

The mystery on the delay of the result of the examination by the Iaaf, the federatletica international, which has carried out a surprise anti-doping tests in January to Vipiteno. Because it emerged five months later? Perhaps, due to the extreme caution used in these times by the Iaaf? The federatletica international through the juncture to be less than happy with his story of the investigation for alleged corruption borne of the old leadership, a wave of positivity to doping and disqualification controversy of the entire Russian team for the Rio Games.

Just yesterday, in fact, the president of the Ioc, Thomas Bach, while confirming the disqualification, had said that the russians “cleansed” can compete under their flag, by correcting the position of the president of the Iaaf, Sebastian Coe, who had raised the vehement reaction of the olympic auction Yelena Isinbayeva: “I Am happy that with the authorization of the commission will be allowed to the athletes clean compete in Rio under the Russian flag. I have everything set-up to Rio. I have observed the regulations. I have submitted the test. I never had problems with doping in the past. The question now is how quickly the commission will accept my request and satisfy you”. Isinbayeva has stressed that if the commission will reject will resort to the european Court of human rights for the “clear discrimination”. “The decision of the Iaaf is unjust and unjustified, he explained, Yelena Isinbayeva – to the athletes clean, with exemplary reputation in the course of an entire career. The president of the Iaaf, Sebastain Coe, said that the athletes clean, had the opportunity to compete under one flag neutral, but not the Russian flag. I ask him: how is it that the same athlete is clean under the white flag, and guilty under the Russian?” But the poll announced by Bach on the kenyan athletes and, if confirmed, the positivity of Schwazer show that the problem goes beyond the “cordon” that was to be put around the Russia for the Olympics “clean”.


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