Doping scandal. A clean sport is no more there, now there is the one that cleaned up

Published on Dec 03, 2015

“Why do people love sports? Why is the answer the journalist Marco Source: – in the sport there is justice. Because in sports, sooner or later, the triumph of the justice. Because in sports, sooner or later, accounts, return, arrive, our, won the good”. Only good for a few decades, they call the Prosecutor Doping of the Nado, the Guardia di Finanza, the Prosecutor of Cremona, the swiss police.

Setting aside all that has been, and we have naively tried, I admit that a little bit of time, I'm happy with the fact that many scammers are caught, a few guilty will pay and those who intend to commit a crime is frightening and – I hope – reflects that. Just think if Blatter had not been caught with his hands in the bag. Or if Platini had replaced at the summit of world football with 2 million French francs to be “unjustified” in the current account. Or if next summer we Rio athletes who in the past had evaded the anti-doping controls.

Mauro Covacich reminds us on the Corsera that “when there is no sports culture, or the education to beauty an end in itself, the shortcut is irresistible”. And adds: “the competitive spirit is engulfed by the rules of the sport, contemporary, professionals, and sponsor motivated only by the direct tv that claim high ratings, and then always and only high performance. On the other no investment on the school”.

The growth of sports culture through the school I stopped to believe in 1972 or maybe it was ’71; I prefer to entrust my hopes of a sport that is a bit more clean to the zero tolerance, checks on the most serious and radiation. Also the sponsors and television stations should strive to understand that the force a record of scandals, the customer/viewer's you are dumping on the virtual and burraco.


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