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Published on Aug 06, 2019


When we talk about one of the sacred monsters (it is just the case to say) in the history of gaming you should always go with feet of lead. But in this case, the only lead that we will see will be the output from our mouths of fire.

Doom I, Doom II, and Doom III, as they know even the walls, are videogames of first-person shooter genre, re-released by Bethesda and released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, with the upgrade of the old versions on Steam, Android and iOS, but only for the first two chapters, on the 29th of July 2019. All a marketing ploy really a surprise that left wrong-footed almost all the insiders, and not.

On the plot of the game you can safely fly as is remained substantially unchanged with respect to the original titles, except for the following additions:

From the point of view of the gameplay instead, we will have to play the first two Doom without the classic WASD keys, but instead using the analog and the trigger to the rear to shoot. The transition from the old to the new control system leaves a little freaked out at first, because you do not have the key to make the sliding side and avoid enemy projectiles; or even when you are trying to hit an enemy on a floor by moving the lever towards the top, having to instead take the path right and wait for the mira, you hooks on his opponent alone.

But apart from these minor side effects, replay the first two classic Doom is, without a doubt, an experience to try to find the maps labyrinthine where you take out hordes of enemies and monsters.

Instead, as regards the third understood, which is much closer to the standard of the game today, we must admit that the appearance markedly the survival horror of this episode, which moves in the atmosphere claustrophobic and a lot less action, has caught us as not remembered he had done years ago when you came out of the original title. In addition, the version of Doom III that was re-released by Bethesda is the one that allowed you to wield both the weapon and the flashlight, in the event that someone had a fear of the dark, or does not have a good relationship with the jump scare.

With regard to the soundtrack of the game we have to say that it has been resampled in an excellent way, both for the first two chapters for the third. On the other hand the background music in the series, Doom was used primarily to make even the most frantic a game that is already a splinter in the eye visually.

In conclusion, this fantastic trilogy of Doom socket with twenty euros is a real deal that would catapult, for many of us millenials, to our childhood and early gaming experiences of the fantastic ’90s. All of this and looking forward already to the exit of the next chapter, Doom Eternal, which will be available from November 22, 2019.

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