Doom Patrol: first look at the Robotman, there will also be Silas Stone


Published on Sep 19, 2018


The Doom Patrol will debut in the fifth episode of Titans, but the bulk of their history will be shown in the series spin-off, in which Cyborg (Jovian Wade) will have an important role and, for this reason, during the first season there will be place also for his father, Dr. Silas Stone. According to what reported by That Hashtag Show, in fact, the producers are looking for an “african american man about fifty years old,” described as “a scientist, incredibly smart, with an attitude of a warrior, which doesn't matter too much to the chatter as much as the facts.” The description follows perfectly the character that we are accustomed to see, can also change the life of the son in the name of research.

These, however, the characteristics of the Cyborg in the series: “Vic Stone is the charming superhero half-human, half-machine, known to the world as a Cyborg. Vic lashes out against the curse imposed on him by his cyborg body and uses his powers to be the hero supreme in the digital era”.

As said, the hero will have the merit to reunite the Doom Patrol, in this first season, will have to deal with Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody,major villain, played by Alan Tudyk.

From the set, thanks to JustJared, get also the first image that shows Brendan Fraser in the role of Robotman:

Diane Guerrero, known for her role in Orange is the New Black, but instead of the Crazy Jane, one of the cornerstones of the team (which will not be possible in the episode of the Titans, and will be shown only when it begins the spin-off).The official description leaked see Crazy Jane as an unlikely heroine who suffers from disturbu personality. Each of its 64 distinct personalities manifested a power very different, which makes it one of the most powerful members of the Doom Patrol ... and also the most unstable. ”

That Hashtag Show has shown how Crazy Jane is likened by insiders to Harley Quinn, so going to represent for the Doom Patrol that the girlfriend of the Joker for the Suicide Squad.

In the series there may also be space for the wife of Larry Trainor / Negative Man (Dwain Murphy), Sheryl Trainor, described as “a woman detached with two children, that lives with the awareness of having lost her husband in a plane crash”, according to what reported by ThatHashtagShow.

These, however, more details regarding the plot of the series spin-off:

“DOOM PATROL is a reinterpretation of one of the most beloved groups of superheroes DC, formed by Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Crazy Jane, led by the mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief). All the members of the Doom Patrol have suffered terrible trauma from accidents, which have given them superhuman abilities, but they've also been left scarred and wounded. Traumatized and trodden down by all, the team has found a purpose thanks to The Chief, who brought them together to investigate the phenomena of the most bizarre existing in the world, and to protect the Earth from the consequences of them. The Doom Patrol is a band of monsters, the super powerful, who are struggling for a world that does nothing more than marginalizing them. Recovering after the events of TITANS, the series will give these heroes reluctant for a place that did not anticipate ever having to play, being called to action by the Cyborg for a mission difficult to refuse, but with a warning that will always remember: their lives will never ever be the same. ”

The arrival of the streaming of the series, with executive producers Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schecter), Jeremy Carver (also showrunner) is expected in 2019.

Doom Patrol: first look at the Robotman, there will also be Silas Stone is




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