Doom: Annihilation – the first trailer for the film


Published on Mar 12, 2019


Doom: Annihilation is the second film based on the popular video-game franchises, with the first Doom, released in 2005. Dwayne Johnson has starred in Doom and even he has admitted that the film was a failure and that was the lesson when she realized the Rampage.

Doom: Annihilation is a reboot of the franchise and will ignore the events of the previous film, recounting the experiences of a team of marines that find a portal to hell has been opened and they have to take care of the monsters that have emerged.

Doom had previously been delayed to improve graphics and it seems that the film is almost ready for deployment, given that a trailer 30 seconds long, was uploaded by Bloody Disgusting, which has given the Internet its first glimpse of the film and the reaction has been poor, to say the least.

There have been a few information about how Doom: Annihilation will adapt the material of video games. It has been revealed that the BFG will appear in Doom: Annihilation, while the director has confirmed that the Spiderdemon will be absent. Have been published some photos of Doom: Annihilation which demonstrate that the film will be characterized by violence that we should expect from a movie of Doom,

The hopes for Doom: Annihilation were not high, given that a version will not arrive in the cinema, which suggested to many that it was of the same caliber of the original movie Syfy. The franchise of Doom is not one that can be turned into a movie or loss unless the plan is not to turn it into a generic action movie zombie, and only use a few demonic monsters of the game to save money. The trailer of Doom: Annihilation has shown a lot of zombies, then it seems that the producers may have decided to choose the economic path. The trailer of Doom: Annihilation has only been shown that the concerns on the production of the film were legitimate, and the film seems to be another feature film in cheap, based only on the name of a video game series so beloved.

Doom: Annihilation – the first trailer of the film is




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