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Published on Feb 16, 2020


BAO Publishing continues to enrich the catalog of its line manga Aiken always in a very precise direction or with volumes minions and/or anthologies that will satisfy the tastes of both mangofili the most hardened, but especially to those readers who may have had contact only marginal with the comic book the eastern, and may be

To this second category belongs, surely, the slender Don't Like This Kaori Tsurutani.

Megumi Yoshida is professional game designer, he lives in a house that does not like dating in the care of relatives that live abroad. Leaves very little of the house preferring to do binge watching of american series trying to meet the tight deadlines of his work.

Almost by chance one day, driven by a friend, he discovers an unexpected passion for fishing and that, unconsciously, the “force” to get out a little more often home between visits to the unlikely shopping for items from the fishing and visit the carpodromo local.

This passion will push it first to make friends with the lively owner of a bar that not only will teach you some tricks of the trade, but will bring it to wide for some of the unusual fishing trips and then to get to know new people with the same passion.

In the midst of all these fish caught what? A part back in the water but part ends up in the stomach of Megumi so she also discovers a certain propensity for culinary experimentation with species of fish that are always fresh and always delicious to discover that maybe the world out there is not so bad.

Don't Like This book is a light, fun read in an hour, leaving the reader with a sense of contentment unusual: even when something we do not like, how to get out from our shell, or our comfort zone, if you prefer, there is always a world to discover with its positive sides out there.

A book brimming with optimism, in short, that the author Kaori Tsurutani writes and illustrates in a direct and immediate with a signature style that is simple but effective.

Formally Don t Like This looks like a first-person account of course, where captions, voice-overs and dialogues of lightning interweave in a sort of fearful stream of consciousness in which modernity – the profession of the protagonist, the binge-watching and mobile phones – decays in the repetitive, calming, and practical fishing.

From this point of view, the author comes very close to a certain european production, by Zerocalcare at Boulet also the authors of the stable BAO, which puts you at the center of the story, the experiences of the inner everyday life.

Also from the graphic point of view, there is a certain convergence towards a stroke that leaves the stylistic features the most classic of the manga, especially for anatomy and size of the tiles, approaching rather to that of the production of a more independent which combines a bit of all the continents. Here, then, is that the stylization is functional to a stroke round, never too realistic, in which the influences of the japanese in the strict sense, this is what only sometimes and when it comes to put in evidence certain expressions as “exaggerated” and where some influence of the 80's – Tsukasa Hojo – is made clear by

Fine workmanship the volume column with jacket packaged by BAO Publishing which is characterized by an adaptation very smooth accompanied by important explanatory notes but without the extra content.

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