Dodocool AC750 extender: extend your Wi-Fi network to its fullest potential, at the right price – review by iPhoneItalia


Published on Jun 01, 2016


Users who have network problems due to the conformation of your own home, are not few. Sometimes we are almost forced to place the Wi-Fi router in the wrong place for telephone points, often located far from the center of the property, ideal place to place a router. To the rescue are fortunately the extender to the network, properly configured, can solve most of the problems.

The online proposals of these devices are really a lot, but today we want to talk about a balanced product, easy to set up, but not completely free from defects: the Dodocool AC750 a great repeater, but also a good router!

In the test we have tested the product in various scenarios: such as repeater, router and as an access point: in all cases, the device has really satisfied considering the price at which it is proposed, and its technical characteristics. The device is dual band, compatible with the standard AC and offers two network ports that are always useful. From the front you will also find a strip of leds that indicate various states of operation.

For less experienced users will be able to configure the device as a repeater in just a few simple steps: simply press the WPS button on the device and on your main router to perform an automatic pairing and start surfing. The configuration can still be done manually in order to set in detail every aspect of the operation of the device. The additional coverage proved to be excellent and stable.

Why to use this device as a router? Imagine being in the hotel, with an only device connected to the network of the structure: thanks to this device you can upgrade the lan network, usually the present, by creating a new access point in router mode sharing the connection with all the device in your possession. Also in this scenario the device has been great and has allowed us to use it without problems the network is the internet.

An Access Point is sometimes useful to extend the capabilities of your modem router no Wi-Fi, but without renouncing to the management of the modem is the original: will probably not buy the product for this feature, however, proved to be well functioning and it has never disappointed.

The only critical points found in this device Dodocool is the graphical user interface configuration that, while being clear and functional, it is not very accurate.

Ultimately, we recommend the purchase of this great product if you're looking for an extender that is valid and reliable, but also if you are looking for a router travel. The Dodocool AC750 AP/repeater/router is available on Amazon at a price of 28,99€. Hurry up to purchase it by adding the discount code 2CP9ZU98 of 20% valid until June 10, 2016.


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